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Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The reports about the coming Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest continue to suggest that this is not merely a standard training exercise to prepare our military personnel for foreign engagements as has been suggested by officials.

A letter sent to Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show by a concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a scenario similar to what has been described in William Forstchen’s recent novella Day of Wrath in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft targets across the nation.

But the letter doesn’t stop there. The Ranger, who has kept his identify private for obvious reasons and makes clear that the scope of Jade Helm is so secret that the intent is not completely clear, says that the JH15 mission objectives may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists.

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2 comments to Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

  • randy0302

    Dude…..don’t quote Hodges. Even veteran today named Hodges specifically as a DIS-info agent.
    Who is the Texas Ranger? Ohhh of course…he’s afraid.
    As Veterans today points out Veterans are our sons, parents, spouses, and neighbors.

    Hodges and company work for the failing government trying to get someone to do something stupid.

    I hope everyone has seen the “new” “FEMA” blacked out buildings in KY.
    They are 100 yr old, open to the public on the burbon trail and are blacked out to cure wooden barrels of whiskey……

    We can see Ferguson and Baltimore being set up by the government but you take JADE HELM HOAX seriously…..

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