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TERROR ATTACK: D.C. Power Outage Highly Suspicious

from AMTV:

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2 comments to TERROR ATTACK: D.C. Power Outage Highly Suspicious

  • randy0302

    Power out right after Rand Paul said “we need to take power away from DC”! Ha, maybe some dude in the power company basement took him literally!

    • Ed_B

      LOL! Hey, that sounds like the “Joe Biden defense” of shooting a couple of blasts from a shotgun into the air to frighten off burglars. One idiot tried that in the town where I live but neither the cops nor the judge bought it. It’s illegal in most towns to discharge a firearm unless a human life is in imminent danger and the firing of a weapon stops that danger.

      As to Rand Paul, yeah, he’s right on this issue. Power DOES need to be taken away from those who have proved beyond ALL doubt that they cannot handle it… and sooner rather than later!

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