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Taking Back Their Power from Smart Meters in Pennsylvania

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

In 2008 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative body passed, and then-Governor Ed Rendell signed into Pennsylvania Law – PA HB2200, which became Act 129 of 2008. That unethical and vested-interest law mandated AMI Smart Meters (SMs) replace perfectly safe analog meters on all residences with utility companies servicing 100,000 customers.

However, that bill/law is flawed legally insofar as it does not provide an Opt-out from Smart Meters, which are fire hazards [1, 2, 3] as confirmed by numerous house fires caused by SMs around the USA. For those who doubt SMs cause house fires, here’s a link to more SM house fire photographs than you may want to see or know about. In reference 3 above, a man in Texas was killed by a SM-started house fire!

Plus, SMs are hazardous to human health from the radiofrequency (RF) non-ionizing radiation they emit into each household, in effect creating what some consider a ‘microwave oven like’ environment to live in creating adverse health effects.

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