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It’s time for another precious metals, economic and geopolitical roundtable discussion with Eric Dubin from The News Doctors, the Doc from Silver Doctors & SD Bullion where you can get Silver Eagles for $2.25 over spot, any quantity (click the banner above), and our very own contributor Rory from SGT Report. We touch on a wide variety of current events in this 40+ minute DOCUMENTING THE COLLAPSE podcast. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • rodjen78

    Silver is not below cost of production. The mines are just lagging in reporting updated cost structures, so the cost levels communicated today are not yet fully pricing in cheap oil at $50. But they will: this year you will see mines starting to report lower costs of production. Here a way you can estimate fair pricing:

    – If gold was $1900/oz in a bull market at oil $100/barrel, then gold should make it to $850/oz in the present bear market with oil already at $50/barrel.

    – If silver bottomed at $8.50/oz at the last bear market low 2008/09 at a gold/silver ratio 80:1, then with gold at $850/oz silver now should easily make it down to $11/oz.

    Taking into account depth, duration, low volatility, and mining shares obliteration, the current precious metals bear market is already ranking as the most brutal in recorded history. The last straw to break the camels back will be the long overdue physical selloff in far east Asia. Once Chinese selling starts to sweep the world gold markets, it is game over for whoever bought gold or silver after 2005.

    Have fun with your bear market channel 😉

    • Eric

      You’re still thinking in terms of ‘dollars’ rodjen. Where do you equate fair prices with your numbers? $850 would be a sweet gift. A big washout in Asia is laughable. There is no reason to ever sell gold at any price and the Chinese know it.

      What Do China, Russia And Central Bankers Know That Americans Do Not!!!  (Gold Demand) Part 1

      Enjoy that paper. I’m buying more gold, platinum and silver today.

      • rodjen78

        I am trying to think in terms of bull and bear market trends, not in terms of dollars or gold. You make money buying bull markets and selling bear markets.

        Gold is still in a bear market, so there is no reason to buy, unless you want to expose yourself to the increased risk of losing money.

        Platinum has been in a bear market since 2008, on top of that in a stable downtrend since 2011, and so is likely to extend this trend down to at least $950/oz. So why buy now at $1150/oz?

        • Eric

          Because it could all turn tomorrow and one day will. Probably not there yet. However, that is investment thinking and there is nothing wrong with that but I am not investing. I am saving. Yes gold is still in a downward bear trend and I can’t remember the levels but until it clears 1300 or so, it will continue in the downward bear trend.

          And I will continue to stack and save in something honest, i.e. “money” not worthless fiat currency. You don’t lose money when you convert paper (currency) to gold (money) unless you sell. I have no intention of selling gold ever. Only accumulating diligently every time I get paid, which I just did. I have no interest in subjecting my well being to this banking order any more than I must.

          As for platinum, I have seen ‘out of stock’ and continue to do so constantly. Not nearly as available as it was 5 years ago. I have goals I want to make and only need 1 more oz of platinum in order to do so. Trying to time the bottom or wait for confirmation to the upside could be an interesting squeeze. I would rather do my panicking now and not worry about it later.

          It’s either gold, a new car, or throwing it into my house (which is a waste). Everyone has their own situation and must make their own decisions regarding money. If they slam it down again from here, which they almost certainly will, I will scoop up more silver.

          But any day you trade paper for real stuff is a good day. Sounds like today to me.

          • Eric

            Oh look I’m up over 1% since I placed my order 20 minutes ago. Maybe I should run out and sell some so I can “take profits.” hehe

            Sorry for the sarcasm but I’ve been at this a long enough time and just laugh at this point. Investing is for suckers. There is risk involved. Saving is secure.

            • Ed_B

              “Investing is for suckers.”

              It is? Good thing I did not know that when I invested my way to financial independence and early retirement. lol

              If you mean “investing” in PMs, then I can agree with that in part. Like you, I stack and I have no intention of selling here and there to make paper profits. My PM stack is substantial in silver and reasonable in gold, although I do want to add more to the gold stack shortly. PMs are not trading vehicles, IMO, although some treat them as if they were. They are often the same ones who complain a lot about being “snookered” into buying PMs in the 1st place. It’s more than time for these folks to “man up” and take responsibility for their own choice in buying PMs in the 1st place. Had they bought their PMs correctly and for the right reasons, they would now know that they are on the right track and that the price of PMs in dollars is only relevant to those who sell them at the current depressed prices.

              So, what are the right reasons for buying PMs? I’m sure that we all have our own ideas on that but mine are: 1) as a financial “Oh, S**t!” insurance policy; 2) as a long-term hedge against inflation; and 3) as a long-term savings plan. There may well be other good reasons for buying PMs but these are more than sufficient for me. 🙂

              What is the best way to buy PMs? Again, IMO, the best way to buy PMs is the same as for other asset classes. I use the dollar cost averaging (DCA) approach, wherein I buy a fixed dollar amount of gold or silver at some routine interval, such as quarterly. To this, if I have some extra fiat available, I add buying a little more on price dips and a little less on price rises but I am always buying some. The schedule I use is approximate and could be delayed or moved forward by a couple of weeks. I like this flexibility because it allows me to modify my actions slightly depending on the current market. But in no case do I allow the market to drive what I am doing.

              The net effect of my approach is that a substantial stack can be built over time where fewer ounces are purchased at higher prices while more ounces are purchased at lower prices. This results in a good price per oz. It may not be the lowest possible price per ounce but I learned a long time ago that one can do very well even if they do not buy at market bottoms or sell at market tops. As a famous investor once said, “You can have the 1st and the last 20% of any bull market and I will take that nice 60% slice from the middle”. Doing this WILL result in financial success over time that will be as good as or better than most other people and with substantially lower risk. While risk cannot be eliminated, it can be mitigated and that is the name of this game, IMO.

              Then, of course, we have the wrong ways and reasons to buy gold and silver and this includes: 1) some PM “guru” told me to buy; 2) going all in at one time; 3) buying from vendors who offer “kits” and who advertise on national radio and TV; 4) buying more PMs than you can afford; 5) hoping to get rich quick via PMs and then jumping into and out of the market when that does not work; and 6) buying PMs on credit or borrowing money against your house to buy PMs. This last one is a terrible idea, yet there are a few people out there who will do this.

              • Eric

                “But in no case do I allow the market to drive what I am doing.”

                Gawddamn straight Ed! You dictate the terms with your own strategy and adjust along the way.

                You don’t get caught up in the day to day, week to week, month to month or even year to year. You follow the trend.

                You are a bit older than I am. I already did my time and didn’t do it by investing. But now is where we are and I just want to protect what I got.

                • rodjen78

                  “Not allowing the market to drive what you are doing”, but at the same time “following the trend”? The market defines the trend, so you ignore it but at the same time listen to it? Isn’t this a bit of a contradiction?

                  Or is this channel the trend you are following? But this channel is just a (shrinking) mass of people, assembled at the bubble tops in 2011. Look this channel up at google trends, there you can see it clearly.

                  So what exactly is the trend you are following? I am sorry to be a bit slow at understanding, can you help me? Because the only trend I can recognize is deflation. And nothing the central banks and governments around the world do can stop it.

                • Eric


                  There is no deflation in real terms because there is always compounding interest on the debt that needs to continually rolled over. The debt is always increasing, thus so is the money supply.

                  The only thing propping this whole thing up is the central bank money printing. Without that, it would collapse completely.

                  Ed and I have learned that the best course of action is to make a plan that works for you and use the price dips to your advantage. Here’s the thing… You never sell gold! You just hold it. You use it as collateral for financing, give it away, donate to charity, pass on to the next generation or use as it’s intended purpose of being money. But you don’t sell money.

                  As for the trend, this isn’t about gold at all. It’s all about the dollar which is on it’s deathbed. Every debt instrument has a credit instrument on the other side of the equation. But with the derivatives and entitlements, there are simply far too many obligations. Gold just happens to be the best solution but there are others. Metals are not trading or investment vehicles. The money printing has slowed but this isn’t over by a long shot. The Fed has backed themselves into a corner and has no way out but to print trillions upon trillions to keep this propped up. Then, with the massive price rigging and manipulation, there is no reason whatsoever to follow technicals any longer in any market. The fundamentals will drive price in time to it’s true value which is multiples higher than here. And it’s not years away.

                  Call me young and naive if you want, but I see no reason whatsoever in investing my hard earned fiat in these markets any longer when I can just keep accumulating metal at undervalued prices. Maybe it goes lower from here. But the upside is much bigger than the downside. And we aren’t that far away from a shot to the moon when it comes. Only thing is you better be positioned beforehand because you won’t have time to react when it does.

                  I’ve traded these markets for 10 years. It’s not impossible to increase your fiat while doing so, but I would rather just focus on increasing my wealth.

                • Eric

                  Think about it this way…

                  If you like whiskey and buy a bottle of something you’ve never heard of but it looks good, take it home, try it out, and like it a lot. Then, the next day, you see the same bottle somewhere else for 40% less, do you return the other bottle and buy the discounted product? No. You just buy 1 or 2 more bottles. Or a case. You dollar cost average or double up because you know it’s a good deal.

                  1200 gold is a great deal. 1000 is even better. 850 is a steal.

                • Ed_B

                  “You dictate the terms with your own strategy and adjust along the way.”

                  Exactly. The basic strategy remains but the level of buying is adjusted as needed. I don’t ignore the market but it does not control what I do. I use what the market is doing as a corrective factor and not as a control factor.

                  “I already did my time and didn’t do it by investing.”

                  There are a number of ways to build wealth. A good friend of mine is terrified of investing in the market but made a bundle in real estate and I am happy for him with that. It worked for him and that is great but it is not my preferred path, nor does it need to be. All are free to choose the path in life that looks best to them. When what they are doing works for them, it is terrific and I applaud them, whether or not it is what I have done. 🙂

                  “But now is where we are and I just want to protect what I got.”

                  Indeed so. Diversifying out of paper / dollar assets is a good way for many of us to go. It doesn’t fit everyone but then why should it? Most of the one size fits all things don’t end up fitting a lot of us all that well, so a solution that we find that does fit us and works well is definitely the way to go. Once we have the wealth we need to live comfortably, that is the perfect time to be concerned about preserving its purchasing power for the future.

              • Ed_B


                “The market defines the trend, so you ignore it but at the same time listen to it? Isn’t this a bit of a contradiction?”

                You may be over-thinking this. My comment was about having a plan, sticking with its basics, but also being free to make slight modifications to it as I go along. I have done this with stock market investing for 40 years and it has worked well… very well, in fact. So, yes, I pay attention to what the market is doing but do not engage in any knee-jerk reactions to it because of what it is doing. This is how I have been able to create significant wealth in the stock market. When the stock market plunged in 2001 and 2008, sure, I noticed that big-time! But I did not panic and sell my holdings, which is a sign that the market is controlling the investor. No, I stayed with my acquisition plan and continued to add to my holdings. When the market came back in both 2003 and 2009, I had added quite a few cheap shares to my portfolio that zoomed upward with the recovering market. Those who panicked and allowed the market to control them sold out during these two big market plunges and lost a lot of money that they did not get back when the market recovered because they were not in the market when it zoomed higher. I am thinking that PMs will do something similar, although probably not quite the same. But then, my reasons for buying PMs are not the same as for buying stocks, so this is not surprising.

                The trend that I am following is loosely based on value investing. I see the current prices of PMs, know that this is driven by paper games, such as the dumping of LARGE quantities of paper futures contracts at the most thinly traded part of the day (which can only lower PM prices), and the terrific trend for private citizen acquisition of gold and silver plus the central bank acquisition of gold in Asia. Knowing that buyers in Asia are buying and buying heavily bodes well for the long term acquisition of both gold and silver, so that is where a good part of my financial resources are being put these days.

                Yes, I still invest in the stock market and likely always will but there are times when I simply do not want to be in the stock market. It looks to me as if one of those times is approaching from the way that the market is bumping along an established top while at the same time searching for direction but not finding it. We have gone from about 17,400 to 18,300 a number of times but have not seen a definitive upward movement that would hold in some time. I fully expect to see some form of QE coming late this year or early next year. It probably won’t be called QE as that would imply a Fed error in judgement (which occurs regularly but which is NEVER admitted) with halting the previous QE program too soon, so it will have a new name but will be the same basic asset-buying program. When that is announced or when it happens without an announcement (more likely), stocks will be levitated via inflation. This is the very same inflation that we have seen take the market from about 8,000 to about 18,000 during the most mediocre economy in the past 70 or so years. This is a HUGE disconnect between all time stock market highs and very mediocre economic performance that is only explained by Fed intervention and money printing, which is really all that QE amounts to. But this too is a trend and by following it one can increase their wealth. Care is needed and so is a fast trigger finger on the sell side. I use trailing stops on my ETFs and stocks so that a bear market does not gobble up my profits. While this is not perfect it works much of the time and bends the odds a bit in the favor of the small investor… which is about as good as we can do with that we have available to us.

                Deflation? PFFFTT! There is a myth out there that deflation exists and is a problem. First of all, the result of deflation is merely an increase in the buying power of money while the result of inflation is a decrease in the buying power of money. If one has money, which is preferred? Being able to buy more or less with it? Most people would say that being able to buy more with it would be better as that equates to a higher standard of living. The Fed, however, spins the story that inflation is good and deflation is bad. I find this curious as it is the Fed that creates inflation via borrowing money into existence in the first place… at interest… and that borrowed money interest adds up to LOTS of bucks that we all end up paying via our taxes and the rising prices of the things we buy.

                As long as the economy was growing faster than this interest rate grows the debt, we kept ahead of it. But the economy has not grown faster than the debt in years and this is causing some BIG problems these days. Because of these problems, the Fed, the BLS, and other US Gov agencies have been lying to the American public about inflation, joblessness, falling take-home pay, falling tax receipts, and a number of other things. They do this in an effort to make the economy and their policies look better than they really are. Right now the US economy is in lousy shape… it’s worst since the Great Depression, yet all we hear is “RECOVERY” when there is no recovery. They can only lie so many times before the thorn of reality punctures the hot-air balloon they are inflating with all their talk.

      • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)

        Canadian Politics – HELP us Finish this Canadian Film

        © craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap

        (google map) (yahoo map)

        Help us Defeat the Corporate Fascist Conservative Reform Alliance Harper Government.

        The Government of Canada was Murdered by The Harper Government in 2006.

        TRAILER – Did the Conservatives lose $3 billion in anti-terror funding? –

    • glitter 1

      ” The last straw to break the camels back will be the long overdue physical selloff in far east Asia. Once Chinese selling starts to sweep the world gold markets,”

      Ha Ha Ha,it is to laugh!

    • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)

      Canadian Politics – HELP us Finish this Canadian Film

      © craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap

      (google map) (yahoo map)

      Help us Defeat the Corporate Fascist Conservative Reform Alliance Harper Government.

      The Government of Canada was Murdered by The Harper Government in 2006.

      TRAILER – Did the Conservatives lose $3 billion in anti-terror funding? –

    • Johnny Fever

      Hmm .. How much does it cost to make a 100 dollar bill, not a 100 dollars, so why is it worth so much? Until Gold and silver are used as Money, this BS doesn’t matter.

      • Eric

        Actually Johnny… It isn’t WORTH a damn thing. Ironically, gold and silver ARE used as money because gold and silver ARE money.

        You are welcome to continue using dollars as long as they are accepted.

        • Johnny Fever

          I was commenting on the price of production of silver/gold .. which who gives a shit, when gold and silver truly become money again .. price of production mean squat, just like the price of production of a US 100 dollar bill

          and will keep using them to buy real assets, be it food, lead, gardening supplies, and of course gold and silver

  • Eric

    1500 new customers. haha nice! At least 2 from me. 🙂

  • I admit I’m a novice when it comes to the world of finance and such but I have to wonder about the possibility of U.S. held gold and silver confiscation or taxation. After all, it seems we are dealing with a desperate criminal element. Why wouldn’t they go after that wealth on the table as well? Just because they write the laws and can… at least try.

    Secondly, this sudden cozying up with Iran can only mean one thing… some kind of resource grab. I doubt they’re doing out of the kindness of their heart. I think they proven they don’t have a heart.

    • Eric

      Myromedodude, they don’t write laws, they write statutes. Big difference. The United States is NOT a government. It is a corporation in legalese terms. People HAVE to remember that!

      As for confiscation or taxation… if they can find it, they can confiscate it. But any effort to confiscate or place a huge windfall tax on gold or silver will signal that there is a problem with the dollar. The best they can do is continue to suppress the price which is good for stackers. Don’t rule it out completely. They will do anything they can or want to hold their power. But they don’t really have the power. We do! 😉

      • Eric

        And for Iran, people gotta stop freaking out about this. Nuttyahoo has been trying to start WWIII for 19 years now. It’s not going to happen. This is a move against the Nazi Bush P2 faction that is trying to kill 90% of humanity. The walls are closing in on the bad guys. They are in total panic mode. Time to push them off the cliff 😉

      • Ed_B

        Not only that, Eric, but a lot of TPTB hold a good part of their wealth in gold, so it is VERY unlikely that they will want anything to do with a witch hunt for gold, as in a confiscation. Unlike in the 1930s when FDR “called in the gold”, Americans are more combative as regards government actions and are, therefore, less likely to simply go along with such boneheaded ideas. No, there will be law suits that will be taken all the way to the US Supreme Court in order to stop such idiotic policies. IMO, these are unconstitutional and violate the laws against the illegal seizure of private property. But unless there are law suits in federal courts, the US Gov can and will try just about anything that they think they can get away with. It will be up to the citizens of this country to inform them via legal action that they really can’t do just any damned thing they want. That is the difference between the USA and many other countries: the US Constitution IS the supreme law of the land, not the government in power at any given time and it specifically constrains the government from doing anything that is not in legal alignment with the US Constitution. But they have to be challenged in a federal court to rein them in. American citizens failed to do that back in the 1930s or in 1913 either, for that matter. Had they done so, we might never have had gold confiscation or a central bank in this country.

        While some will say that FDR did not confiscate gold, many of us disagree on that point and consider the forced selling of property (money) that one does not wish to sell under threat of fines and prison time as de facto confiscation, regardless of any fiat payment made for said property. It would be very interesting to see how the USSC would vote on these issues in today’s world vs. that of 80+ years ago.

  • Eric

    The “quaint and odd and funny” Americans that are stacking silver will be laughing their asses off in the end. I’m already there.

    Thanks for the interview guys. My favorite people to listen to.

  • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)

    Thanks Sean…

    I Posted a Question on Vancouver’s Craigslist (Politics Section)
    as well as your video. Good Work !

  • Eric

    Maybe Jacob can help me out here but I believe the Houthi Rebels in Yemen were all happy until the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    • Jacobson

      I was banned and god bless the liberty and freedom of speech.

      As for your question, it is intresting how u.s.a is supporting the family-based Huthis which are 100,000 people ONLY out of 26,000,000 citizens of Yemen.
      Just like you guys who support the non-muslim leader of Syria (Assad) who rule over 20 million Sunni muslims.

      Hussein Osama is making every mistake he can, this man is betting like a moron.
      All around the middle east, he became a joke on the on hand, but on the other hand, people are afraid of his delusions.
      United States now is showing it’s absence of understanding the middle east and the players who take part.
      Obama is changing the equilibrium of the middle east, an equilibrium who has tradition, history and culture.

      As long as Bab Al-Mandab will be secure for commodities to reach poor Europe.

      In our last discussion you wrote about the “walls of Jerusalem”, I forgot to tell you about the “Bahgdad Wall” which the U.S army built in Iraq to seperate the Sunni and the Shiite – I bet you have never heard about that wall, I bet that you’ll never read about that wall here or in your “liberty” websites (Which I personally think it’s a tool to spot people).

      Allahu Akbar !

      • Eric

        Just like you who re-elected your gay white khazar lover Bibi.

        I bet you will never see the world as it really is.

        You make too many assumptions and generalizations.

        • Jacobson

          You have nothing to say ah ? so you passed the ball ?
          U.S.A is changing once again the balances of power in the middle east for the benefit of the white anglo-american christian.

          The israelis re-elected Netanyahu beacuse they saw how Hussein Osama is sending his filthy american dollars and advisors to make a revulotion in Israel.
          I didn’t vote for him.

          I will never see the world as it is just like you, but my point of view is better than yours since I live the middle east everyday and for you it’s just another comment in esoteric website.

          What assumptions I made ?
          Read my comment again before you shoot to the air.

          • Eric

            Well you start off saying, “just like you guys that support Assad.” I don’t support him but I understand that Syria is backed by Iran and ultimately Russia.

            There is a great big world outside of the middle east if you haven’t noticed. The entire reason I asked is because when you look at the BIG picture, there appears to be more happening than any of us care to notice. Why would the Saudis decide to bomb Yemen now? They are desperately trying to start WW3 on all fronts…Syria, Ukraine, now Yemen. None of it is working. None of it will work. But until the criminal element is removed and everyone gets on the same page and figures out that there are only a few very ugly criminal elements left trying to kick of a world war unlike any other to murder 6 billion of us. One is Netanyahu, another is the Saudi Royal Family. The Bush cabal is probably the biggest.

            People have to think on a different level like the CIA does!

  • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)


    btw, up here in Canada we have a campaign going to build a Brick Wall in front of the
    Ultra Right Wing Conservative Government of Stephen Harper. If any of your readers
    truly love Freedom and Liberty, I ask for their support to Smash the Warmongering Ultra Right Wing Canadian Conservative Bankster Policies through action by donation at the following link:

    • Eric

      Spiderman… love your cl post. It’s a great tool that more of us should be using to get the information out to the people on this planet. Spread some news guys!

      I’ve been laying bricks lately. Hard work but my masonry skills are improving quickly. I would suggest some 12″ concrete blocks and type S mortar. Reinforced steel in between with some barb wire on top.

  • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)

    Watch a 5 minute video on Canada’s new SPY Palace funded by the Tax Payers of Canada. Who knew, the very Government of HITLER Canada would force it’s own citizens to fund a Project which would be turned against the very tax payers who paid for it.

    Welcome to Stephen Hitler Harper Canada !!!!

    Brought to you courtesy of

  • Steve_D

    Hey Sean your site has been very unstable on my iPad the past couple of days, keeps reloading the page then eventually crashing which has proven very frustrating.

    Anyone else had the same problems?

    P.S great interview.

  • Willie

    I think Gen. Smedley Butler had this figured out a long time ago… “War Is A Racket”

  • Willy

    The site keeps crashing. Gotta be the number of ads. When I use a firewall to block all other ips I can get the site to load but I can’t believe the admin has let it go on for over a month now.

  • Gnostic

    Gold/silver went up then came down?????

    PS- Has anyone heard from Jacobson? I need to ask him an ethnic food question.

    • Eric

      Probably spinning his dreidel.

      • Jacobson

        I see that the troll needs Jacob to feed him huh ?
        You just can’t without me, you actually LOVE me and asking where am I everytime !
        🙂 🙂 🙂

        I was banned and I was back, as I said.
        Someone is afraid of letting me say what I think and feel.

        Gnostic – You can ask your ethinic food question.
        Eric – It is Passover and not Hannukah.

        • Gnostic

          What is traditional method to cook Toasted Israeli Couscous? I want to try.

          • Jacobson

            In order to cook a real good Cuscus it will take you hours of work with bare hands.
            I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself the way to cook it. Personally I don’t like cuscus.

            I suggest you to try Tabuleh, it is far better, more healthy and has better taste.

        • Eric

          Nah we’re not afraid of what you think or feel. We just don’t really care.

          Yes I know. The son has “passed over” the celestial equator into summer and has been reborn 😉

          It was a joke. Sheesh.

          • Eric

            I should have said, “probably out decorating his doorpost with lamb’s blood.”

          • Jacobson

            I said that you and Gnostic love me, and the people who want to shut me are afraid.

            • Eric

              Of course we love you. They’re not afraid. They are just tired of the confrontation and the BS. It isn’t helpful.

              It doesn’t matter who you are, nobody knows as much as they think they do. And if you can’t admit that, then you don’t know yourself. As David Icke says, “It’s a perception deception. So if you don’t like what you see, then change your perception.” Did anyone bother to stop and think Obama might be a double agent? Or triple agent?

              You don’t need to understand everyone else. You only need to understand yourself.

              “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”
              ― Plato

            • Eric

              Jacob, the next time you get emotional over something you read here, perhaps it would be best to try and control your anger and not wish horrible things upon us, but rather logically present your argument for debate.

              We are not out to get you. No reason to wish evil things on us. This is probably why you were banned.

  • Matt


    Can’t find your contact information, so hope you will see this poat. Please be aware that your site is no longer functioning on Android devices. I walk nightly, and spend 2-3 hours reading the articles you post and watching the videos… great content, thank you. For the last week or so, explorer loads SGTReport, then at the last second of loading, the page goes blank… every time. I have had problems in the past on explorer for Android, so I also have Googel Chrome on my phone, this browser always works… or worked. I get the same issue on Chrome now as well. Som I downloaded Firefox to the phone as I have heard great things about it… it loaded your page just fine, no disappearing trick and then every time I got a minute or two into a video… it crashed. I can’t believe this is coincidence.

    I have taken to perusing SGTReport on my laptop now whenever I can fit it in… and today, it just stopped loading on Explorer. I can still get it on Chrome… but Im willing to wager that will soon stop working as well.

    It would appear that your site is being targeted for Dodo bird status. I sure hope that is not the case and that both of my devices just happen to coincidentally have issues with 4 different browsers, but that seems unlikely.

    Feel free to email me if you would like screenshots of the blank pages or error messages.

    Keep up the good work; I hope I can see it once in awhile.


    • SGT

      Matt, thank YOU for this info. I received the exact same report tonight from the wealth watchman. We are worried and trying to trouble shoot what the problem is. Can’t thank you enough for bringing this to our attention. Please give us a few days, but let us know if it continues – or if it improves.

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