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Silver – Four Years Later

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Silver reached a 30 year high in April of 2011. Since then it has fallen nearly 70%. In any correction or bear market – call it what you want – we hear calls for lower prices as the market falls. Similarly, as a market rallies we hear supposedly well-reasoned arguments why prices should rise even higher.


Gold peaked over $850 in 1980. There were calls in 1980 for gold at $1,000. Currently we hear analysts calling for $900 gold.
The NASDAQ peaked in year 2000 about 5,000. There were probably a few investors calling for 10,000.

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1 comment to Silver – Four Years Later

  • Ed_B

    “There were calls in 1980 for gold at $1,000. Currently we hear analysts calling for $900 gold.”

    Making “calls” is cheap and easy. People often do it for fun. The reality of it is far different, however. Since no one knows, or can know, the future, any calls that are accurate are 100% based on luck.

    Those of us who understand investing know that a long-term plan of asset acquisition over time is the best way to acquire wealth. It’s no different for PMs. If for your own reasons you want to build a stack of gold and / or silver, by all means do so. But not by listening to any PM quacks out there claiming to know what the future holds because no one does. Do it by dollar cost averaging into the asset allocation amount that suits you. There is no one-size-fits-all in this. It is completely up to each of us to determine what is best for us and then implementing a plan that achieves this within the time period that we select. Nope, not magic… just good common sense and a bit of investing discipline. While this isn’t “sexy” it IS effective.

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