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Russian Bases Springing up in America’s Backyard!

[Editors Note: Maybe Hodges has been right all-along. MRH]

from Russia-Insider:

With Russia’s new military bases in Manitoba, Ontario, and Bermuda, it is clear that the U.S. is losing the critical base race. Compare the maps to see how vulnerable America has become to Russian aggression. By my count, Russia has leaped ahead, and we can expect nuclear missiles to rain down on us any day, or worse, our school children being forced to drink vodka at lunch so their innocent minds can be ravaged by Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy.

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12 comments to Russian Bases Springing up in America’s Backyard!

  • VforVendetta

    what kind of bullsheet is this?
    as if we have any let alone 10 russian bases in CANADA!
    if there is its fukking news to me!

    SGT im not liking this kinda bs or anything dave hodges puts out

    • Matt

      This is a joke. (April fools?)
      There are no Russian bases in North America, but there are many US bases encircling Russia.

      This is NOT from Dave Hodges . . . most of Dave Hodges stuff is excellent

  • Dante

    Russian bases or not, this sort of horseshit fear-mongering is right out of “1984”.

    It isn’t the Russian military going ahead with Martial Law military maneuvers in cities and towns across the US, it’s the American military. It isn’t Russian cops in the US militarizing at an alarming rate, it’s American cops. It isn’t Russian cops mowing down people and pets on any given day (and getting away with it), it’s American cops. It isn’t Russian politician in Congress supporting the NDAA, it’s American politicians.

    I’m concerned enough with Americans in positions of authority who view me as the enemy, thank you. Save “the Russian are coming!” fear-mongering for the Moronikans who are naïve enough to buy it. Because some of us aren’t.

  • walas

    Confirmed finally that Hodges is a Psyop. All this is designed to do is to justify more defense spending. Have you noticed how they all complaint about Obamas “guttering” the military budget??? Aren’t we already well ahead that anybody else in tech and spending? Agree with previous comments, this is horseshit coming from the MIC.

  • anon

    V4Vendetta & Dante – good comments. I agree. Look, FACTS ARE FACTS. Follow the money, and follow the facts. Don’t connect-the-“dots”. (That’s what children do). Connect-the-FACTS.


    Be sure to read ALL the comments, click on ALL links, read/view/listen to ALL content.

  • Sayldog

    What are you trying to do?
    This article was presented by JR (and reposted by R-I) as SATIRE.
    I know you aren’t stupid enough to have taken it seriously, and yet you run it with the Editorial Comment that “maybe Hodges was right all along.”

  • Willie

    and maybe the SGT reader’s BS detectors were right all along.

    • Ed_B

      Hodges bent the needle on my BS detector so badly that I had to have it replaced. Since that experience, I have avoided his nonsense. A little paranoia is a good thing. It keeps us awake and alert to those who would try to harm us. But everything Hodges puts out is a MASSIVE over-dose of paranoid BS.

    • Matt

      What BS detectors?
      They can’t even tell a satire/joke article
      This article isn’t even from Dave Hodges

      • Willie

        Ah, another junior genius sets the record straight… If you had bothered to read the post by Sayldog, he had already explained that it was satire: “I know you aren’t stupid enough to have taken it seriously, and yet you run it with the Editorial Comment that “maybe Hodges was right all along.””

        My response was in regards to the that needless & confusing editorial comment” “maybe Hodges was right all along”… Right about what? Hodges is FoS, you sound like one of his friends.

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