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Russia vs. Greece

from NIA:

Back on December 16th, Russia’s 10-year bond yield hit a record high of 16.24%. For a country with such low levels of debt and huge reserves to trade with a 10-year bond yield that high, NIA knew that Russia’s bonds were being manipulated by Wall Street in an attempt to destabilize Russia’s credit markets – as part of America’s financial war against Russia. One week later, after Russia’s 10-year bond yield had strengthened to 13.12%, S&P put Russia on “credit watch” indicating a 50% chance that they would downgrade Russia’s credit rating to “junk” in the near-future.

Despite S&P’s December 23rd announcement, Russia’s bond yield finished the day slightly lower. NIA considered this to be a sign that Russia’s bonds were about to rally big, and sent out an urgent alert to its members saying, “With the Ruble bouncing 51% from its low over the past week, Russia’s 10-year bond yield has strengthened back to 13.12%. S&P’s announcement today had little effect on Russia’s 10-year bond, with its yield finishing the day down 2 basis points. This is a sign that the worst is already priced in. Russia’s 10-year bond yield is likely to soon decline back into single digits – as investors begin to realize there is zero chance of Russia defaulting on its debt in the foreseeable future.”

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1 comment to Russia vs. Greece

  • Eric

    Yeah let’s invest in greek debt vs. Russian oil, gas, palladium and platinum. It’s like the difference between the sun and the moon.

    I’ve lost fiat on NIA’s stock suggestions in the past, and usually don’t even bother with anything they suggest any longer. But the latest one they have been pumping CTC Media doesn’t look too bad with a 16% dividend they have raised over the past 3 years, a 6 p/e ratio, and a decent balance sheet. The damage looks like it’s over and they just announced deals with a theme park and a retail chain, as well as movie streaming.

    I will admit I bought a few shares mostly because of the dividend protection, but I still have some risk tolerance left. Not much, but some.

    I don’t know if anyone saw the recent video from infowars where Liz Wahl (formerly from RT where she quit on air) gave before a congressional committee about the dangers of blogs and how they are all “cults,” but here’s why….

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