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Rickards: Borderline US Recession = Euro Short Cover

from Boom Bust:

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2 comments to Rickards: Borderline US Recession = Euro Short Cover

  • mac

    Rickards is coming around. Right on!

  • rich

    Leaders Ignore Inequality, Now at Serious Levels

    It’s so bad a 22 year old man committed suicide at The Capital building in Washington, D.C. He had a sign taped to his wrist that read “Tax the Rich.” It took a witness describing the sign for the public to become aware. Officials would only refer to the message in couched language, social justice, “some type of protest sign”.

    The aristocracy, intellectuals and the rich were oblivious of the needs of the masses, much like our leaders today. As Adbusters magazine put it: “Even in the seconds before their heads were about to roll away from their bodies underneath the blade of the guillotine, it still puzzled the opulent Paris elite how this could be happening.” Yes, they were clueless till the end, in denial, not listening to the masses for many years. Like today across America.

    Are authorities afraid of the public’s possible resonance with the message? Tunisia changed within weeks after one young man set himself on fire in protest over heavy handed police action and lack of economic opportunity. America forgets our roots with its kingly wealth shared amongst a select few and widespread, intrusive surveillance. They control the narrative and official stories told. What doesn’t fit must be marginalized. They fear resonance and concerted action.

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