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Renewed Efforts Target US Surveillance State with Legislative Roll Backs

from The Daily Bell:

House Members Target Patriot Act with “Surveillance State Repeal Act” … U.S. Representatives Mark Pocan (D-Wis., photo on left) and Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who are seeking to repeal the PATRIOT Act in its entirety and combat any legal provisions that amount to American spying, unveiled their Surveillance State Repeal Act on Tuesday. – New American

Dominant Social Theme: We need surveillance laws that protect us from terrorists. If privacy is sacrificed, safety is gained.

Free-Market Analysis: If the US public were polled in depth about the loss of privacy that has taken place since 9/11, chances are there would be a significant percentage of people that would resist the trade-off. Likewise, if people were polled in depth about the globalized warfare that the US is conducting and expanding, many would rather, as former Congressman Ron Paul once said, “turn around and march back out.” Unfortunately, since there seems to be no real way for anti-surveillance and anti-war forces to make their voices heard above the din of freedom-sapping anti-terrorist initiatives, the march toward a surveillance state continues.

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