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Peter Schiff: Investing and Protecting, Internationally

from The Daily Bell:

Daily Bell: Before we continue, give us a very brief synopsis of your latest book, The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy—and How to Save Yourself and Your Country? for those who haven’t read it. It goes into detail on many of the topics we’ve been discussing today.

Peter Schiff: In a nutshell, people think the financial crisis is in our past. It is not. It is in our future. That was the overture to the opera, the beginning. This thing is far from over. It is the people who didn’t understand that crisis that are the ones who think we have solved the problem. They never understood the problem in the first place, which is why they were so blindsided by the ’08 financial crisis. I understood the problem. That is why I was warning about it for years and that is why I understand that the problem has only been made worse by the very people and institutions that caused it in the first place.

Daily Bell: Thanks. Let’s turn to Europe for a minute. Is Greece going to leave the EU? Is the drachma coming back?

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