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Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” Brings Illuminati Mind Control Symbolism to Japan

from Vigilant Citizen:

J-Pop is a force to be reckoned with in Asia and, like all major musical markets, it is not exempt from the occult elite’s Agenda. Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” is all about Illuminati symbolism and the elite’s favorite theme: Portraying artists as mind controlled slaves.

In the span of a few years, I published several articles on K-Pop (Korean pop) and J-Pop (Japanese pop) music videos as they are intensively used to propagate the elite Agenda in Asia. Perfume is a Japanese girl-band that has been pushing that Agenda for years (I wrote about how they were all about that one-eye sign in 2011 and about how they promoted transhumanism in 2012). Perfume is now back and is more blatant and ever. Pick Me Up has indeed all of the elements of a typical Illuminati narrative and, as usual, they are concealed behind a fake premise.

For the unsuspecting viewer, the video of Pick Me Up appears to be about a timeless philosophical theme … shopping. The video indeed begins with the girls walking around while holding shopping bags and whatnot. Then, things get weird. While most YouTube comments say “Wow, that was so creative”, the truth is that there’s nothing creative about Pick Me Up. It is yet another video as portraying pop stars mind controlled slaves who are coerced into saluting their oppressors. (If you never heard of Monarch mind control, read this first).

Let’s look at the video.

Pick Me Up

As stated above, the video begins with the members of Perfume walking in Tokyo at exactly 23:59pm. Something is about to change – a brand new day is literally upon them. As they walk by a clothing store with male mannequins on display, we realize that the mannequins are actually alive and are creepily watching the girls.

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1 comment to Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” Brings Illuminati Mind Control Symbolism to Japan

  • Ed_B

    Don’t worry about Japan. It is a dying culture that will soon go extinct. They are doing all that they can to make that happen, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before they implode for multiple reasons.

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