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NSA Spying and The Surveillance State at Unimaginable Levels — Dr. Katherine Albrecht

from Prepper Recon:

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4 comments to NSA Spying and The Surveillance State at Unimaginable Levels — Dr. Katherine Albrecht

  • anon


    Is this the REAL “New” World Order? It would appear so.

    The war is ON, for the American mind. No matter where you look, the “elites” BEHIND the politicians in the District of COLUMBIA, are seeking MORE CONTROL. It’s ALL about 1) CONTROL. The “elites” are PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL-FREAKS! It’s also about 2) LOOTING. The “elites” have saddled Americans with an ODIOUS ($18+ TRILLION) “National debt”. What is CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE all about, where cops routinely STEAL an Americans entire property, while no charges were filed? What was MERS about, where so many Americans lost their homes, wherein TBTF/TBTJ BANKS not only created a “housing bubble” and popped it (2007), but also repackaged mortgages in financial instruments and resold them so many times, that it became impossible to trace or track who actually was the OWNER of said mortgages? The “elites” think THEY, and THEY ALONE, OWN EVERYTHING. “They” own all resources – including YOU. That is why YOU are a “human resource” and they have an “HR” Dept., in all their corporations. It is also about (sadly) 3) DEPOPULATION. The “elites” think the planet (Earth) is OVERPOPULATED.

    Everywhere you look, you can see how this FASCIST (CORPORATE-CONTROLLED-GOVERNMENT) POLICE-STATE TECHNOCRACY (PRISON) is being built up around us. But, don’t take MY word for it. How about listening to Patrick Wood (again, for those who already have) explain it ALL, in an interview, with John B. Wells, on his CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT, Episode 250 ~ TECHNOCRACY RISING! (Also click on the second link for even MORE evidence of the burgeoning technocracy)

    Caravan To Midnight: Episode 250 – Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood & John B. Wells


    • anon

      It’s EVERYWHERE you look. What, exactly, is the WAR ON CASH all about? I’d suggest that the “elites” want everyone using CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS because that way, there is an ELECTRONIC FOOTPRINT, or RECORD of what you buy, and where you buy it! They’d love nothing better, than to FORCE a NATIONAL ID CARD on Americans, which would likely include a micro-chip containing ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA – health records, personal bio, and BANKING DATA, such as your checking and savings accounts – which they could then make the ONLY way a person can transact – by showing their NATIONAL ID CARD, which they would say is necessary (mandated) for you to prove that you are who you say you are, in order to fight the PHONY “War on Terror”! Then, if they wish to, they can simply turn off the micro-chip in your national id card – and you can’t get food OR medical attention (or anything else!) Look, it’s clear, that ALL of the following “elite” memes are part of this overall “elite” agenda: 1) “Man-made” “Global Warming” – oops! – “Man-made” “Climate Change”, 2) “Gun Control”, 3) “War on Drugs”, 4) “War on Terror”, 5) Obamacare, and on, and on, and on. It’s ALL about eroding and destroying NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY (globally, including in the U.S.) via ODIOUS “National debt” loads, such as are being saddled onto the Greeks, and everyone else. Fortunately, there IS clearly an awakening happening – let’s hope that awakening continues, and help it along, as much as we possibly can. THINK! THEN ACT! Protect yourself, financially, and otherwise. Check out the links posted above.

      CONTROL. LOOT. DEPOPULATE. This is EXACTLY what they did in Russia, beginning in 1917. Putin has already warned Americans NOT to give up our guns! The “elites” make $$ whether the economy is booming, or busting. Makes NO DIFFERENCE to them – in any meaningful way. In fact, they make more, when the economy is busting. ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED. Documented. FACT. The “elites” OWN everything. They are attempting to “CONDITION” US to be good little slaves, and just go along, and accept whatever THEY wish to do, without question. (Where did that get 66 MILLION Russians (mostly Christian Peasants) between 1917 and 1953? It got them (into a GULAG &) DEAD. It also got some 40 MILLION DEAD in China, under Mao). The “COMMUNIST” (EGALITARIAN) UTOPIA NEVER ARRIVES. It’s just a RUSE for the “elites” to CONTROL, LOOT, and DEPOPULATE. ORDO AB CHAO. ALL the “-ism”s like (RIGGED) CAPITALISM, COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, NIHILISM, etc. – all break down into FASCISM, because it’s the CIA & Western BANKING System, that sits atop the pyramid of CONTROL. World Bank/IMF/SWIFT/CIA. The war is being waged in the minds of Americans. Some have suggested that the “elites” have already won the war. I don’t buy that. Why? Because it only took between 3 and 10 percent of the total population to win the War for Independence from Great Britain, in the late 1700’s. 3 to 10 percent. That’s it. As the economy deteriorates and the USD/FRN collapses (or hyperinflation sets in) – people will begin to realize something isn’t right – and they’ll begin to see the U.S. Government becoming more and more blatant in their (FASCIST) efforts to CONTROL – and, since it is now affecting them, personally – they will begin to “wake up”. We just have to be prepared to explain to them what is REALLY going on, and what specific actions to take, in order to neutralize the “elite” agenda.

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