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Navy Vet Pulled Over By SWAT Tank

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

A man named Lucas Jewell flipped the bird at a camouflaged SWAT tank scuttling through suburbs of Gainesville, Florida on Saturday. Although not recommended, it’s certainly within one’s rights. But deputies with tanks, vests, gear, weapons and other goodies want to pounce – so they make stuff up. Rights don’t matter. So they talk of launching an “investigation” for “improper hand signals” and...having fellatio performed. As if this were not punishment enough, they let him know that the cell phone resembles a firearm that it’s not a “tank” but an armored personnel carrier. Newsflash: those are designed for battle.

Here’s the original video with the interview down below. You can read the original story at Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC):

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2 comments to Navy Vet Pulled Over By SWAT Tank

  • gary h

    if someone told me we’d see tanks rolling down American streets back in the 60’s..well you know the rest…can’t wait to see what TPTB have planned for us in this Jade Helm 15..this sucker really has me thinking…JH 15 could very well be the beginning of an official USA police state,tucked neatly inside Jade Helm..
    JH 15 “could” very easily be the new 9-11 false flag TPTB need so desperately to cover up the collapse of the dollar..then again..
    TPTB aren’t going to do ANYTHING significant inside the U.S. UNTIL THEY are able to somehow dis-arm some 200 million American’s approximately 300,000,000 million firearms..
    as AJ stresses so often,
    .. there is a huge difference between fighting for what’s right,your property,& protecting your family vs. ordering a soldier to do things he /she knows is not right, & on it’s face to be obviously & criminally shooting,bombing and/or injuring an innocent American..after all..
    in fact it[the training drill] WAS announced on loudspeakers several times before the race started, as told to AJ show & other talk shows,by the U. of Alabama track coach!..
    only a drill
    only a drill..
    a drill..
    just a drill
    only a drill
    just a drill a drill a drill[ditto Sandy wagged the too was only a med-vac ambulance THAT WAS BLOCKED IN..a bunch of people standing around doing nothing, & a bunch of people at the Firehouse walking around in circles, including Gene Rosen who falsely MIS-REMEMBERED the entire event & told so many different versions of his scripted fairytail, I even lost track of all 11 different versions of events he told reporters!.. Gene Rosen claimed he was was never there at the FireHouse, yet we in fact see him there AT THE FIREHOUSE in a overhead helicopter shot,wearing his infamous blue jacket meandering around doing nothing.! nuthin at S.H. but crisis actors..i researched Sandy thoroughly,AND A “ADAM LANZA” DID NOT…. DOES NOT & NEVER DID EXIST, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE.. there is & was no such person & if there was he died back in 2009..the photos were more than likely caricatures created by someone, & they named the caricature “Adam Lanza.”..a supposed 90 lb weakling WITH ASPARGERS DISEASE supposedly carrying 100 lbs of weapons & other gear is basically impossible,let alone getting off 150 rounds inside the school in like 10 minutes or some ludicrous short amount of time..yeah right..and one more very strange thing..the Black Honda Civic where the police or FBI found the .223 long rifle in the trunk of said car?
    that very same car was in fact sitting in Gene Rosen’s driveway,with a white towel covering the smashed drivers side window,that was admittedly smashed out by police,to gain access into the inside of the car when it was sitting over in the school parking lot,before it was moved over to Gene Rosen’s driveway….THAT is really strange indeed..supposedly the black Honda belonged to Gene Rosen’s nephew & not to a Adam Lanza …obviously..
    wonder Wolfgang is going literally crazy trying to investigate Sandy Wagged the Hook..

  • gary h

    a paragraph disappeared as my comment goes immediately from Jade Helm to Sandy Hook..sorry about that,but it connected the 3 events..
    Jade Helm 15
    & Sandy Wagged the Hook..
    Jade Helm 15,& Sandy Hook were 100% w/o a doubt false flags,
    & believe Jade Helm 15 is going to be the new 9-11 false flag that we’ve all been waiting for..the big bad kahuna..
    .prepare..prepare..prepare for the worst,
    & pray to our Lord & savior Jesus Christ,[Christians]
    for the best..
    you MUST have a good water filtration system..#1
    also some cash,gold & silver,& storable food..
    hopefully you have fruit trees/bushes & a veggie garden that is producing food when Jade Helm gets underway in some 10 states starting in June i believe,especially if you are in the hostile states of Texas & Utah..something very bad goin down in Texas is what worries me most…
    have a humongusly bad gut feeling that Jade Helm 15 is going to be a doozy,so be ready for the proof,& have heard nothing..just my gut

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