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Money Expert, Merrill Jenkins Sr. (M.R.) – T.V. Debate

from Detroit r[3VOL]ution:

Merrill M.E. Jenkins Sr. (Monetary Realist.), was the author of the book, “Money the Greatest Hoax on Earth”. His name was on the original patent for the machine that exchanged paper money for token coinage. He was an inventor and a vending machine operator by trade. Merrill started the Monetary Realist Society in his hometown of St. Louis.

Merrill is featured here in 3 local St. Louis television interviews. The first features a debate between he and an economist from the Federal Reserve, Denis Karnoski. Mr. Karnoski stated that “we fool the public into thinking that they have wealth, when they do not” and that “whatever a dollar is, I do not recommend people hold onto it”.

Mr. Karnoski was fired by the Federal Reserve soon after this interview.

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