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Minnesota Takes Aim at Egg Farmer Co-op Member for Third Time

by Heather Callaghan, Activist Post:

Minnesota simply cannot get enough of Alvin Schlangen. An egg farmer who tends to and volunteers with a fresh food co-op. Two counties in particular (MDA) have tried him in court over food handling issues, both times trying to paint the co-op of private members as some kind of commercial establishment like a grocery store or restaurant.

It must drive them mad that they simply can’t storm in on a whim and apply their monochromatic commercial test standards onto non-CAFOs goods. Such as during the ongoing bird flu outbreak sweeping through poultry farms across the Midwest. Alvin tells me that Minnesota Department of Health inspectors now call themselves “advisers.”

Ironically, instead of running to Alvin for advice on preventing disease outbreak, they set their sights on him in particular and he was written up in the press. How do “advisers” react when hearing the word “No” while they advise? Show up with two armed local army officers, of course. You read that correctly.

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