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Miles Franklin Q&A

from Miles Franklin:

Q: We learned that the FED gave some trillions to foreign banks. With them allowed to operate mostly in secret, would it not be possible for them to open obscure bank accounts anywhere in the world and electronically deposit any amount of money in them and use that for any purposes – buy / control property, media, heads of state, etc.?

David Schectman’s Answer:

I don’t see why not. Central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, and their hoard of “too big to fail” partners have put all of us in a very bad place. The TBTF banks gamble with our money and then fall back on the central banks (or tax payers) to backstop their losses. We have no privacy but the Fed works in the dark, behind closed doors. They refuse to be audited. They are unelected bureaucrats making financial decisions that favor the banks and Wall Street, not the people, and nothing is ever done. Ron Paul tried for years and his son Rand is still trying but to no avail.

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