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Methodical Illusion — Rebekah Roth Redux

Remote-Controlled Planes, Israeli Treachery and the Coming Martial Law. Rebekah Roth Back on Classic Redneck Radio

from Northwestlibertynews:

As her book, Methodical Illusion, sells out on Amazon, Rebekah Roth and her message about 9/11 has reached a level that we can safely call viral. Although her book is considered fiction, it closely parallels the events that happened, and some events that never happened, in the waning summer of 2001.

Rebekah has been in high demand as of late, but she graciously accepted a second invitation, in as many weeks, from Classic Redneck Radio to join Samm Simpson and Billy Redneck for another in-depth look at 9/11.

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2 comments to Methodical Illusion — Rebekah Roth Redux

  • Gnostic

    These rednecks are Torah nutbags. they are gatekeepers protecting the Abrahamic god yahweh who is satan. be leery of these types, the early puritans were similar as they named themselves old testament names while they burnt widows, called them witches as they really wanted to steal their land & possessions.

  • Gnostic

    ” A Cruel god makes for a cruel man”

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