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from The Burning Platform:

I’ve been writing this column for eight years; the first columns in the archives are from 4-1-2007.

For eight years I have chronicled the abuses in our nation’s economic and political systems, tying most of them to economic concerns of one sort or another. It began on Blogger and drove a fairly major software development effort on my part to put together the software currently in use here today — a package that is capable of much more than it does at present.

I began this journey as a sort of private debt repayment, if you will, to people who I knew that got seriously harmed in the 2000 tech wreck. I escaped as I saw it coming, but whether that was really all skill or there was a huge element of either luck or divine intervention I’ll never know; there were certainly personal issues in my life that were partly responsible for my decision to divest MCSNet in 1998.

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5 comments to KARL BIDS ADIEU

  • Eric

    I can’t say I blame him.

    Too many morons out there unwilling to THINK!

  • America wasn’t a good idea. It was a great idea. The Barbarians got inside the gate. RIP America.

    • Ed_B

      The US founders were incredibly smart people. They foresaw what could happen to derail all they had done. They tried to warn us of many of these things, hence the phrase “all enemies, foreign and domestic” that appears in our founding documents. Yet, here we are 230+ years later with domestic enemies encamped in the White House itself and a congress that is too weak to deal with them as they truly need to be dealt. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Adams would have had no compunctions about dealing with these anti-American domestic enemies via a quick trial and hanging for treason.

  • Willie

    A realist in a world that runs on BS… Aloha & Best Wishes

  • Robert

    Why the difficult arithmetical problems, man? (sic, or as Zero Hedge users would say ‘sarc’). Karl is an archetypal American (respectable) and if he has given up your country is bound to fall. The question is ‘ What happens after that… and after that, and after that? Perhaps you should consult the Indians who don’t come from India: do you know any?…. A villager in England,

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