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‘Economic Hitman’ John Perkins on the AIIB & US allies

from CCTV:

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3 comments to ‘Economic Hitman’ John Perkins on the AIIB & US allies

  • Sheryl Anne

    It’s so interesting and actually very telling that people like Mr. Perkins have done some very evil things to nations and people while taking immense amounts of monies for doing these dastardly things, however, in the past few years they are coming out publicly, writing books telling us of how evil the West is and how great the BRICS are and what they are doing in opening up banks, putting infra-structures into countries and so on and that these countries are working hard in getting out of the grip of the US oligarchs. I am sorry, but I do not believe them for a minute. This is another ploy by those who control from behind toward the NWO – nothing more than that.

  • anon

    What, in the world, do the Western International Central Bankers have up their “collective” sleeve, for America, and Americans? (Things are possibly going to get MORE THAN A LITTLE “interesting”, in the not-too-distant future. As the USD/FRN is used less, and less, by the “BRICS” countries – Americans may face increasing economic inflation & hardship – AND, I fully suspect the U.S. Government to become even more unconstitutional.

    China’s Infrastructure Bank Enrollment Closed And The U.S. Is Left Out In The Cold

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