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John McCain Smiles: ISIS Is Just Miles Away From Assad’s Presidential Palace In Damascus

from Zero Hedge:

ISIS, in possible cooperation with rival al-Nusra, has taken control of a strategic Syrian refugee camp in Damascus just miles from Bashar al-Assad’s Presidential palace, prompting Palestinian militimen to rethink their allegiances and plunging the camp — where 18,000 people are trapped — into what the UN Secretary General calls “the darkest circle of hell.”

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2 comments to John McCain Smiles: ISIS Is Just Miles Away From Assad’s Presidential Palace In Damascus

  • Mohammad's Plan to destroy Muslims

    If Israel inveneted a time machine and created the perfect plan to get all the Muslims,, it would be called “Mohammad & the Qu’ran”.

    Mission Accomplished. (I don’t know how the Jews were able to go back in time and create Mohammad’s Qu’ran and all the twisted rivalries it contains,,but I’m glad it’s working out as well as it is. Just give it another 50 years or so, and islam will be dead,, just as it always was meant to be.)

    Islam is so EEeeevil, twisted, arrogant, ignorant that it is successfully on the path to destroying itself from within.

    If Arabs wish to survive, they must renounce “islam”, and so,, as they destroy their own religion all around the world,, we just sit back, eat some popcorn, enjoy a few strips of BACON and a fresh cold BEER,, and then in about 50 years, we will just move into Mecca and all the other Arab lands and create shopping malls, casinos, bars, and nude beaches and everything will be nice.

    • Gnostic

      1st off Jews created Islam as they did Christianity for dumb Goyim- Judaism 2.0 & 3.0, 2ndly as far as EEeeevil take a gander at Judaism’s Holy Book The Talmud that is the BIG Enchilada of Evil, not to mention kabbalah & The Zohar.

      PS- Jews No Bacon Zone also. The West has been culturally Judaized with Porn, Casinos & nude Beaches, Islam is resisting Jewish smut so they are a target.

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