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by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Jade Helm is morphing into something very dark and very sinsister. At the conclusion of the article, many of us will be asking about how we should collectively respond. We certainly need to explore the possibilities.

Patriot Protests Against Jade Helm

One of the reasons that I believe that Jade Helm could go live is because the bravado and attention being given to this topic. The globalists who have hijacked our government have taken off the gloves and there is no denying what they are up to. As a result, people who have been clueless about the New World Order are awakening to the level of tyranny that is growing within our country.

As Jade Helm swings into full operation this coming summer, millions of Americans, that mistakenly thought were living in a Republic, will have their eyes opened as to what has happened to their precious country. Soon, the websites, Youtube channels, the television shows  and the radio shows of the Independent Media will soon their audiences grow to unparalleled popularity. And of course, the federal government minions will be there waiting as the FCC attempts to stifle dissent with the recently imposed Net Neutrality. Clearly the line in the sand is being drawn in preparation for the coming conflict.

The Newfound Awareness Has Already Grown Among the Special Operations Forces Veterans Groups

Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs wrote an interesting article on Infowars in which they have discovered that “Patriot groups across the country are preparing to launch a ‘Counter Jade Helm’ operation to keeping tabs on a controversial U.S. military exercise that some fear is part of preparations to train troops for civil unrest and martial law”. Among those protesting the Jade Helm 15 drills are former Special Operations forces as well as many veterans groups.

Along these lines, I am beginning to receive invitations to speak about Jade Helm to various groups including the Oath Keepers. People, in great numbers are and will be soon waking up and for good reason.

Two more Disturbing Elements of Jade Helm

In recent days, I have learned that the reason that we are seeing Jade Helm activity in so many areas and we are also witnessing the prepositioning of massive military equipment, is because Jade Helm forces will isolate certain geographic areas, thus trapping a segment of the population and keep them from fleeing to other areas. The second part of Phase III of the Jade Helm operation will be the insertion of Special Forces death squads among the civilian population which will target key dissident leaders. The remainder of this article will discuss these two issues.

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  • Randy0302

    Dave, Dave, Dave!
    people like you and Drake Bailey all over the Internet trying to get “patriots” to take action.
    Of course it would be the action that might be an excuse for police and military response not the training exersize JH.

    It’s like the FBI getting some young immature kid to scream Jihad so they can arrest him.
    We obviously have people trying to play us as well. I’m sure people see right through your plan. Get a glass of water your hair is on fire!

    Carry on! 🙂

  • Mary Kay

    Definition jaded: The end result of having a steady flow of negative experiences, disappointment, and unfulfillment fed into a person where they get to the point where their anger circuits just sort of burn out and they accept disillusionment.

    IMHO, I believe there are several purposes in Jade Helm. As a test to see how Americans will respond to force and orders. Secondly, to target the patriot leaders and imprison them. And third to start a civil war. July will be mild, August will heat up and when the economic crash hits in September all hell will break loose in a full blown civil war that will lead to martial law.
    Obama, like Nero will blame the unrest on the Christians.

    • rl

      Makes sense to me if they can get guns in the street.
      Which is why taking them is more complete P-R-S BS.
      Hodges needs to have a special place set aside for him and his pals.
      They wont stop until they get what they want, and they always do.

    • I see the tsunami hitting the east and west coast before civil unrest. I also see massive racial wars when Obama is either assassinated or the attempt of. This will cause the very distraction the evil pigs need so they can put into place their bug out agenda. When you see bug out movement we will know that asteroid is incoming near Puerto Rico. Dont believe me? Check out how Puerto rico is COMPLETELY ready for that event. Listen to Ephraim Rodriguez and or Perry Stone.

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