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Jade Helm Impact For Military And Police

from roypotterqa:

In an earlier video, I discussed how the Russians, via Sputnik News, viewed Jade Helm 15. After doing an extensive evaluation, we have concluded Jade Helm has more to do with Federal control in the United States.

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6 comments to Jade Helm Impact For Military And Police

    • Stefan

      Hey Sayldog,

      Well, as former military, I can say everything the military does has a long term perspective about it. So, are Special Forces really trying to improve their soft skills again? Perhaps. But, Pastor Fox does have a point in that they are training for something. We can reasonably assume it’s not near term as in 3 – 6 years. Has the training formula changed? Perhaps. Although I think they have a different agenda than a near term snatch and grab, or martial law. The interesting part is the only place blending in for US soldiers, of all forces blends in, is the United States, and even here, you can spot a military soldier like a fox in the hen house among the general chicken population. So … How much soft skill is really being developed? It (Most Likely), is longer term in nature, and I doubt it is a martial law issue. With all that said, do not think for one minute, our own military will not fire on it’s own citizens. Not every soldier has a moral conscience. That’s an important consideration. I respectfully disagree with Pastor Fox that all military folks are gun owning and law abiding folks like ourselves and want to see us all with AK47’s or whatever. …. Perhaps. But I do not think, the upper echelon of the military structure is as pure as the driven snow, and truly believe some of them are compromised. [There’s the disconnect]

  • Gary

    Stefan – I hope you’re right but there’s a reason why over 200 high ranking officers were forced to resign recently. Dear Leader wants officers who care more about promotions than the Constitution. Do not forget the Bonus Army.

    BTW, the Chinese paid for opium in silver, not gold. Besides the Crown (via the British East India Company), the Roosevelts were also selling opium to the Chinese. Read about that in the book, The Imperial Cruise.

    • Stefan

      Hi Gary, You are 100% correct. Believe it or not, I had the Bonus Army running through my mind as I wrote my response above. And there it is, part of the compromised disconnect.

  • Suzanne

    Gang… I have a couple of ideas about this…
    * We have TWO militaries… the Pentagon regulars (who have refused to go to war in Syria and Ukraine), and the CIA’s narco army of mercenaries that are overthrowing so many countries just to plunder them.
    * No revolution ever got off the ground without the military.
    * The cabal… Bushs and Clintons and all their hangers-on… are actively doing their best to remove constitutionalists in the military, and certainly withholding all medical treatment and benefits to veterans.
    * If the legitimate military wants to remain relevant, not to mention having anything to retire on, they really need to get off their duffs and start leading the way… arrest the cabal’s front men in government and the banksters, hold them and try them ASAP.
    * Throwing in with the Nazionist Rothschild banksters just means that you will be the last to die as you outlive your usefulness. Your families will not be spared.

    Time to grow up!

  • Sam

    I’m not okay with the military blending in with the civilian populations running covert and overt ops. No way! When has this become a need for National Defense?


    The biggest clue for those who are on the fence with this is the alarm it is causing the otherwise sleepy sheep of America, even they sense a wolf is at the fence with this stupidity!

    Hey military and elected Azzholes, you work for the people as in we the people. So, stand down and play war games on the expansive mitary bases and stay there within the confines placed on you by the US Constitution and of the people who you are supposed to work for. All the lame excuses for need piles up to a dung heap of bullshit that in no way should any free citizen of the USA need to accept and not be subject to, ever!

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