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“Inevitable” Economic Collapse, Negative Interest Rates & Abolishing Cash

from Junius Maltby:

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2 comments to “Inevitable” Economic Collapse, Negative Interest Rates & Abolishing Cash

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    ““Inevitable” Economic Collapse, Negative Interest Rates & Abolishing Cash.”

    There is that Abolishing Cash Meme again,from Citi Bank no less.Why is it so hard to to see/believe where this is all headed.Nick Rockefeller out right told Aaron Russo what their plans are “The Ultimate In CONTROL”,they plan on instituting a Cashless System and then Chipping People.Why is it at this juncture so hard for people to pick it up.

    “David Rockefeller 2014 – “We need to institute a cashless system by 2016”. There it is people right from the horse’s mouth.It’s 2015 and we have this and other pieces covering that very topic from Citi Bank economist’s.

    What would happen if they had a total global economic collapse and told people that for our own good and protection that cash will no longer be used,only the offical government issued debit card.

    Oh another thought,remember that all important plank in the Communist Manifesto:
    The elimination of all personal property!Well when your cash goes so will your personal property.

    It’s coming get ready for it.

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