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How Vitamin Studies Deceive the Public into Big Pharma Profits

by Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society:

Are vitamins actually killing you, giving you heart attacks, and perhaps even extracted from the depths of Hades? If you follow some of the highly deceiving studies on the matter of vitamin usage that fail to actually tell you when they’re using petrochemically derived ‘junk’ vitamins in all of their testing groups — then the answer may be a very loud ‘yes.’

And, unfortunately, that makes for quite a large number of these studies.

It was back in 2011 that I first wrote an article breaking down the subject of vitamin studies, entitled ‘Why Many Vitamin Studies Are Absolutely Worthless.’ At first glance, it seemed like a ridiculous title to many. After all, how could these studies be ‘worthless’ when they were performed with perfect testing methodologies and oftentimes involved some interesting results on how the body processes different nutrients?

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