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Guess What’s Being Discussed at the New, Secretive Bankers’ Meeting in DC?

The Heads of Olympus Meet

from The Wealth Watchman:

Many of the shield brothers here will likely remember the closed-door meeting that President Obama conducted with most of the “whose-who” of Wall Street, back in the spring of 2013.  The details of that meeting, and its policy decisions weren’t for public eyes, but that’s not the reason why we’d all remember it.  Something far more serious would keep this event from falling down the memory hole.

After all, it was after that meeting(within one week of it, to be precise) that gold and silver were suddenly riddled with holes!  Quickly, and without mercy, the “thunderbolt algos”, took gold’s price through its all-important line of $1,525, and silver down through $26.

Here’s exactly what it looked like for gold, on the charts:

Gold meeting


It was a devastating attack, which carved off roughly 20% of gold’s price within a 3 week period. This mauling also happened to coincide just shortly after Germany first announced its intent to repatriate roughly 300 tonnes of gold reserves from the NY Fed.

Huh!  Imagine that.  That’s an awful lot of coincidences, right?

Yep, that’s all it was!

Now, why am I bringing this older, clandestine meeting of bankers in DC to mind today?  Well, there’s actually a very good reason.  You see, thanks to Ronan Manly, and GATA, we now know that this Friday, April 17th, there will be an important briefing conducted on financial matters, put on by an organization called, “The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum”(or OMFIF).

Who will be in attendance at this meeting of technocrats?

Well, according to OMFIF, it will be attended by “a select group of central banks and other official sector institutions”.  

“Big deal Watchman!  So central bankers are gonna get debriefed in DC, it happens all the time, why does this concern stackers?”

Ahh, that’s the best part, my friend!

I haven’t yet told you the title of the briefing, have I?  The title is:


Gold, the Renminbi, and the Multicurrency Reserve System


Now that certainly is an eyebrow-raiser, isn’t it?  And here I thought that all us “fools” in the gold and silver community were all simply “pumpers”, “alarmists”, and “shysters” to ever think that the US dollar wouldn’t go on forever as the world reserve currency!

That’s what some folks say, right?  After all, talking about things such as China’s making bilateral RMB trade agreements with Russia, Switzerland, or Frankfurt is just a bunch of “fear-mongering” malarkey!

No big deal!

The Dollar is just “too important”, and China too plagued with “problems” to ever seriously compete head to head against US debt instruments.  Global lenders will obviously go on permitting DC’s worst, criminal scumbags to rack up debts for immoral wars, and stupid, “money-hole”, welfare programs for thousands of years to come, right?

Dead(as-a-doornail) wrong!

Not only is that the diametric opposite of the truth, but it’s a fantastic line of thinking to take if you want to end up with a gaping hole blown in your net worth, for the rest of your life.

Oh!  Get this!  As if all this wasn’t enough, the timing of the meeting is the icing on the cake, as the briefings are to “take place during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group spring meeting in Washington.”

Gee, both the World Bank and IMF officials will all be there as well!  I wonder if they’ll get treated to brand new discussions from this winning, old lass, about “magic numbers”, and numerology!  Maybe she’ll even do some palm readings for all the attendees!

Christine Lagarde


Just think too, all of this is happening just 6 weeks after billboards like these were seen lighting up Bangkok!  Man, this is just too many coincidences!  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think that this stuff was all planned, or something!


Gold meeting 2


Naaaa!, that can’t be true, can it?  After all, that would make you and I a buncha’ kooky, “conspiracy theorists”! Yup, it sure is a strange, old world, with all these coincidences springing up like proverbial wildflowers!

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29 comments to Guess What’s Being Discussed at the New, Secretive Bankers’ Meeting in DC?

  • knowtoomuch

    Sean, your link to an article from a guy named Robison 1798, named “Proofs of a Conspracy” doesn’t work !!!

    Could you fix that and put it online, please ?

  • Ed_B

    “Quickly, and without mercy, the “thunderbolt algos”, took gold’s price through its all-important line of $1,525, and silver down through $26.”

    Indeed… which should be a day of remembrance AND celebration for stackers everywhere. I mean, think about it. If gold was $2000 an oz. and silver $100 an oz 5 years ago, what would your stack look like today? If you started stacking recently, it would be smaller… a LOT smaller. So, when you have a moment, give thanks to these idiots for putting the prices of gold and silver well within the reach of a lot of us citizens. That may not be their intent but it IS the result of their actions. If we aren’t smart enough to recognize and grab a bargain when we see it, well, that’s not their fault, now, is it?

    • Eric

      Just took advantage of the Silver Bull 75 cents over spot preorder deal from the Doc.

      40 more minutes to take advantage of such a deal if anyone is interested.

      • SGT

        a really great deal indeed, not sure how they can even sell them that cheaply, well done Eric!

        • Eric

          I wonder myself but it’s gotta help to pre-order them. It’s kind of amazing how far we have all come in combined stacking knowledge. I suppose you get good at something the more you do it and the more you learn about it. I’ve been finding deals left and right in regards to the metals lately. I should have ordered this morning when it was at the bottom of the trend line, but I’m not unhappy about it at all. Ready for a short squeeze but still have powder ready if they want to try me again 🙂

          • willy

            Eric must surely be Doc. God knows how many of the personalities over on that site are him constantly defending himself. MPM sells buffalos for 69 cents over all day every day.

            • Eric

              nope afraid not. but i like their coins.

              Welcome to losertown, usa willy. If Hillary wants to be president of losertown, then I’m sure she will be.

              Pelosi: ObamaCare Equals Life Liberty, & Pursuit Of Happiness, Amnesty Honors Values Of Our Founders

  • glitter 1

    Thanks for the post/heads up WW.Just more evidence that events continue at breakneck speed.Yes,all the big players/central bankers will be meeting in DC this weekend,just like in the movie The Godfather when all of the Big Families got together to talk about Business,power structure and how it was to be divvied up.I’m sure,just as in the movie,there will be those thoughts of who is to be Hit Next.

    • Gnostic

      The Jewish Hollywood magicians made The Godfather Myth & portrayed Italians as the head of the criminal cabal, It is another Jewish Lie, The Jews love to portray front men, Jews are the true Mafia. Let;s be clear.

      • glitter 1

        The satire is correct in the context.The Jewish Elite ALWAYS use Rightous Gentiles to do the dirty work,just like as with Judas.Then you have the Judas Goats to lead the Sheeple.We are entering the Season Of The Judas Goats.

      • rl

        Gotti went away and you havent heard of the mob ever since.
        The power of law enforcement wiped em out so it goes when it was a matter of getting rid of the subcontractors for the GB and friends. Eastern mob arrived in Brixton to fill the void and they are oh so ruthless is the handle and meme for them, kinda like their predecessors from the early days of the jew cabal kremlin. Cosa nostra out for Kosher nostra all in with no shortage of culprits to take the heat.

        • glitter 1

          “Gotti went away and you havent heard of the mob ever since.”

          The Mob went legit,they sent their children to Law School,Warton,Yale and Harvard,and are now embedded in the US Congress,taking orders from AIPAC.Like I said,The Judas Goats are always used to do the Dirty Work.

      • Dante

        Don’t burst my bubble. It’s taken me decades to perfect my image, persona and reputation. Let me at least enjoy it a little while longer before you let the cat out of the bag. Chow!

  • long john silver

    I am very happy today, any opportunity I get, I say it like it is, in public places. While in the sauna at the gym today, although the conversation started with my opinions on what the human being is designed to eat, yes, yes, we have been conditioned to believe what we are told, by all the lobbyists. The good thing is the conversation went into politics, and there was another patron that was saying word for word what I have learned over the last 8 years or so.. I was on cloud nine.. Another brother, that was able to see past the lies..

    The message is getting out there, spread the word, I will start making youtube videos shortly.. Spread the word, yes most are hopeless, but every soul that wakes up, is humungous..

    Ed, you have to love it.. 4 years ago I was very upset that Silver didn’t climb to 100, but we should love the banksters for giving us the opportunity to add so many more ounces.. I will be adding over the summer, and hope they take silver to 15 and Gold to 1,000.. I appreciate the discount.

    • Eric

      Yeah John, I dropped a few words on jade helm today and one guy was showing me a bunch of old coins he had and was going through them on ebay. They’re figuring it out. It’s just taking them longer.

      Sell everything and buy storable food and physical silver. Same as 5 years ago.

      A monster box of eagles for under 10k is a sweet deal. But so are 10 silver dimes for 20 FRN’s.

      I really liked Martin armstrongs recent interview with Greg hunter. A real dose of reality without the 10,000 gold plus numbers.

    • Rusticus

      Thanks for this post, LJS. THIS is what I find encouraging, stories about real folks doing, learning, for themselves. Not this “Eastern Saviour” crap that we both know is BS.

      I just had a conversation on a flight home this afternoon with an older gentleman across the aisle from me, looked to be in his 60s or so, about 9/11 Truth. On a damn plane. Such a conversation would’ve been unthinkable even seven years ago, and this guy was no kook, he was a retired dentist with his own practice. The conversation meandered on as we took turns buying each other drinks, and when the topic drifted towards the Fed, even the old woman sitting in front of me joined in to remind us of the value of assets that “they can’t print.” We were all deep in conversation about the Bush family crime syndicate when we were instructed to put our trays in the upright position and buckle up for descent, and even as we began to retreat back to our own thoughts, one couldn’t shake the feeling of camaraderie, of humanity, that had just been forged at 30,000 feet.

      People are starting to get it, in a big way… but the next con is manifesting all around us. “The East will save you.” “(B)Rand Paul will save you.” I hate to sound like such an asshole, smattering my musings across alt media blogs like this one, but stories like yours prove just HOW CLOSE we are to people rising from their slumber; articles like this one, no matter how well-meaning, are like the Sand Man’s dust floating into the nostrils of the unsuspecting.

      • Eric

        That’s excellent Rusticus.

        But it looks like they are ready for us to wake up.

        Don’t feel bad. The libtards are disgusted with me for telling them nobody died at sandy hook and it’s a big con on you.

        Anyways, some people think they’ll never wake up. But these are the people that really need to wake up and act. You can’t just sit there. It’s not like they need to get the entire picture. Just enough to realize they are in trouble and need to take precautions.

        It’s the ones that are semi aware and just sit there depressed and angry all the time like, “well there’s nothing you can do about it.”. Yes there is! Ask better questions!!!

        Sitting there is not a solution.

      • long john silver

        I’m in agreement, the next con is manifesting itself around us. The Cabal is fluoridating our water, they are poisoning our foods, and yet off we go to decide if we’re going to vote right or left, and let them steal more of our wealth. Because we were born in this corrupt experiment, people have been conditioned to accept it, but why? The puppet leaders are all intertwined, the Chinese system is also a con game, where a few oligarchical leaders suck the wealth of the rest of humanity.. It is not that government is going to save us, they are there to fleece us.

        Mankind has been conditioned to give away its sovereignty, for some crumbs and the weekly football game.. Conditioned to believe that Rand Paul will save us, and yes China will soon come to our rescue as well. We are breeding idiots, they want to lower the IQ of humanity, even the ancient Greeks came to the conclusion that stupid people need government, so why not make the majority of Americans stupid, this way they will run to vote for a savior, and keep the system going, brilliant!!

        • Rusticus

          “But it looks like they are ready for us to wake up.”

          I can’t help but shake that feeling, either, Eric. I don’t, however, think they’re counting on us spitting in the faces of their pre-scripted “awakened leaders,” but I could be wrong about that, too.

          LJS, your comments bring to mind a quote from Thomas More’s Utopia:
          “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?”

          When he penned that, however, I somehow think the “thieves,” even in their ignorance, were dissatisfied with their position in life. Today, in our Huxleyan distraction society, it would seem that people have indeed grown to love their servitude, so long as the technological Bread and Circus is available. Terrifying, really.

  • Rusticus

    STILL with this garbage? Even as the title, “Gold, the Renmimbi, and the MULTICURRENCY (as in multilateral, multipolar) Reserve System” forecasts EXACTLY what’s to come?

    There will be no gold-backed yuan, nor has ANY Chinese official stated that they desire the position of World Reserve Currency. The “alternative” media continues to parrot a meme with no merit, save citing gold and silver acquisition statistics. The PBOC has, however, on a number of occasions, expressed a desire for a MULTICURRENCY basket, including gold (and possibly silver) to be managed via… wait for it… the SDR:

    This isn’t news to those who are truly paying attention. Hell, Chatham House (a member of the Rhodes Roundtable, the same Rhodes Roundtable that engineered the new monetary order to be headed through the BIS, the same BIS that the head of the PBOC is an integral member of… seeing a pattern yet?) wrote about this in 2011. The gold ain’t for the Proles, folks, and the document speaks for itself:

    The economic orders of West and East are to be merged. Plain and simple. The West will be knocked down a few (perhaps many) pegs in the process and the East (which is already an economically stratified, politically unfree slave society) will be given more monetary prominence. It’s not some big mystery, it’s exactly what the global monetary institutions on all continents, East or West, are saying. It’s what the Rockefellers forecast in the 60s in Prospects for America, it’s what Carroll Quigley outlined in Tragedy and Hope, it’s what Antony Sutton spent decades researching only to be thrown out of academia, it’s what The Economist (a Rothschild-owned publication) wrote about all the way back in 1988.

    It sucks to come to the realization that the East ain’t your “sound money” Brothers in Arms, but it is, nevertheless, the Truth. Best to choke down that bitter slice of Humble Pie now, before the soon-to-unfold geopolitical reality of the BRICS bait-and-switch bites you where the sun don’t shine.

    • rl

      GOOD call on Sutton, he is and was the man par none.
      ALL bait and switch for digital money and pms outlawed for johh q public.
      When we get there nobody knows and one surely hopes stacks will see their day before then.
      Would be nice to buy that last 20 acres on the cheap with a bar or three of .99 when fiat is for kindling.
      Those 10ozers are getting kinda heavy to carry around, but there are worse problems.

  • willy

    Wow look at all these positive outlooks despite loosing over half of your investment. I wish I could be as optimistic. The constant doom articles to keep people buying PMs is disgraceful. What further saddens me is the huge losses people take when selling their PMs. Sure, I know one day in 10-20 years price will be back to 40-50/oz. What happens when the wait is too long, you pass and your wife or family is left with a stack of PMs that they are forced to take a 10-20% hit on? Not only has your investments been cut in half but now they take a further hit. In the same amount of time I have seen many stacks shrivel in value I have triple my paper investments in BioTechs, Uranium enrichment companies, BC, etc. I truly feel bad for the middle class fools that bought into the hype.

    • Willie

      Yup, if you had gone into a 3xSP500 ETF back in 2008 you would have made a small fortune and could have purchased “that last 20 acres” with the worthless fiat.

      People were herded into PM’s and most have lost a significant amount. Pride coupled with willful ignorance keeps them in the game…

  • No One

    The whining on this site is almost as disgraceful as Silver Doctors.

    I’m sorry you bought PMs as an investment. Personally, I substituted the money I would normally just save at a very safe rate of return, with the PMs. This is what the PTB have pushed the informed into. I don’t mind holding them for a long time. It is exactly what I would do with a CD. The rich quick investors are not happy though. First it was the damn Dinar and now PMs! It would be more noble to take the loss on your PMs now, get your cursed fiat back and play the stock market than bitching about others.

    • Eric

      “It would be more noble to take the loss on your PMs now, get your cursed fiat back and play the stock market than bitching about others.”

      Yeah it’s not my fault I have more patience than everyone else.

  • The Truth

    Here is a question to ponder. How can you have a one world system with countries being left out? Does that make any sense? You can only have a one world order/system with every one included, unless you are speaking about your world which may just be the area or town you live in.

    The question is posed to all those who are pushing the theory that how the East is migrating from the West. That to me makes no sense at all. The country or position of Power can shift it’s location, however, this one world order/system has to work for all countries or it won’t. Is there any order with nations fighting against nations? What we are seeing is a weakening of the West to bring it to the level of the East, then a merging of them all. Whether financially or militarily(war), the demons want to get it done. Will they succeed is the other ?

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