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Field McConnell: “Pilots Are Not Buying The Andreas Lubitz Story. It Doesn’t Add Up!”

from The Richie Allen Show:

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5 comments to Field McConnell: “Pilots Are Not Buying The Andreas Lubitz Story. It Doesn’t Add Up!”

  • NaySayer

    I have wondered about this from the beginning of the story. If he had brown skin they would have claimed radicalized islam of some kind. but he was white so what were they going to do? They could have claimed he was a Neo Nazi but since the Nazi party in the Ukraine is our new best buddies, I guess Nazis can’t be blamed for stuff right now.

    They can’t just disappear another plane so what could they do? Is there something wrong with the earth’s electromagnetics or do these planes have someone on them they want dead? Something they want to steal?

    Or another theory is that they are trying to discourage the plebes from wanting to fly? Anybody remember “Brave New World”? Make something the elite want scary or dangerous some way and the “masses” will stay away.

    I know I have a lot of theories here, but I don’t buy the line they are trying to sell. What airlines admits that they let someone crazy fly? Their insurance company is having a fit right now as the law suits just went into overdrive with criminal negligence charges possibly added to the bottom line.

    Also, the Menendez indictment? What Dept of Justice allows a member of their own controlling party to be indicted? But then Menendez is threatening the Iran Nuclear deal so he gets indicted. Hmmmmmm. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, but when in history does the DOJ indict someone of their own party?

  • Tom Aumeg

    Twice, Field tried to raise the question of uninterruptible autopilot, and both times the host cut him off, diverted to another subject. After the second time, the interview lost its credibility with me, and I turned it off.

    Look it up. The Wiki entry has been sanitized a little:

    So it no longer says it exists to take control away from hijackers, but the implication is still obvious. They can fly planes without the pilot’s involvement or consent, just like they do drones. This has been standard in all commercial aircraft since 1995.

  • Sam

    Yes, about that uninterruptable automatic drone piloting system…funny how last week there were bitchez claiming to be airline techs or mechanics and all kinds of whatnot special know everythings that said that drone system does not exist!!!! It’s the elephant in the room besides the farce recording of the alleged assassin breathing calmly all the way down, the mitary jet scrambling story that disappeared/scrubbed from the web and other conflicting immediate pin the tail on the donkey explanations that were heavily leaning they way the officials wanted the story to go…
    We will most likely never know what exactly happened but, the story as given us smells like rotten fish 8-/

    • Ed_B

      Doesn’t it always? Ya know… sometimes, s*** really does just happen. Always has, why stop now? Just because we all own hammers now does not mean that everything is a nail.

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