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Eric Dubin: The New World Order, Economic Collapse and Jade Helm 15

from The Daily Coin:

The United States is in the business of conducting war and China and Russia are in the business of conducting business.  – Rory Hall, The Daily Coin

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the United States and the west are on the fast-track to collapse.  But where do Russia and China fit into this picture?  A lot of analysts assert that the New World Order will involve the western elitists working in cooperation with Russian and Chinese elitists and the collapse of the west has been planned all along.

I don’t think the facts speak to that thesis.  The desires of the political elites, and the neocons in particular, are pretty explicit:  these people are not interested in cooperation with Russia…  – Eric Dubin, The News Doctors

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  • I emailed Clif High (creator of Webbot) this discussion. It would have been great to have him included in this lively discussion. I hope you listen to his interviews…he’s been on John B. Wells caravantomidnight, and on I subscribe to his Alta reports…check out Clif is an important voice in the Truther movement. Hope you learn about his work.

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