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DoD Insider Claims Knowledge of the 9/11 Classified 28 Pages

from Ry Dawson:

He blames Pakistan and Saudi Arabia says the 28 are personally embarrassing to the Bush Family. Is he lying or guessing? Seemed like it to me but it is an interesting discussion about the MIC and geopolitics anyway. He conflated the economy and the war economy but he’s a defense contractor so what do you expect?

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6 comments to DoD Insider Claims Knowledge of the 9/11 Classified 28 Pages

  • The Saudis benefited the most from 9/11, so that should tell you something.

    Of course, everyone likes to blame the Jews. It’s a tradition.

    John Little

  • gary h

    I say BS on the 28 pages.
    there were NO PLANES on 9-11 no planes was all animation &”other” things that went on..
    Dr. Judy Wood IS the closest to being correct on what happened on 9-11 & Jesse Ventura agrees, as does John Lear Jr ],who has flown ever different kind of aircraft there is practically..John Leaer says it was & is, “scientifically impossible” that there were ANY planes on 9-11 & I agree was all missiles fired into all 4 bldgs including Pentagon,2 towers & WTC # 7, & they had to bring down WTC $7 as the animation or something else got screwed up in 9-11 grand plan.. you can plainly see tip of missile coming out of WTC tower #2 when video is slowed down..the planes wings disappear &..
    most importantly..
    believe Dreamsworks & Co., were indeed involved in the 9-11 animation & “”other” things 9-11 up to their flippin “Back to the Future” 1,2,& 3 are just chocked full of 9-11 signs & subliminals everywhere.Spielberg was at the Boston smoke bomb Hoaxathon as well ..he was spotted directing the phony pressure cooker bomb theatrical production..he was photographed holding up his arm with 1 finger in the air[index finger indicating scene #1 would guess just after smoke bomb was ignited]..yes..a stinkin smoke bomb..2 of them 2 different spots close to each other..[20 ft would guess] Columbine seems to be the only real event out of all of them & even Columbine was as far as covert control of the 2 punks with mind altering drugs..????????????

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