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Clueless In The Middle East

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

Starting with the CIA’s overthrow (and some would say murder) of Iran’s democratically-elected president in the 1950s and continuing through our serial invasions of Iraq and our arming of Al Qaeda and ISIS, American policy in the Middle East has been a textbook case of a superpower with more money than brains, making things vastly worse with every move and counter-move.

Now, at last, people are starting to figure this out. On a recent Daily Show, John Stewart uses some evocative language to illustrate the incoherence of today’s Middle East “policy”.

“The Iran that we’re currently crippling with sanctions and periodically threatening to bomb is now our…I don’t wanna say ally,” Stewart said. “Battle buddy?”

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1 comment to Clueless In The Middle East

  • Ed_B

    Jeez… the MENA area has been screwed up for how long now? Seems to me that there were Roman troops in Palestine when Christ walked the earth, so it’s been at least that long… and probably much longer. The implication that without the US causing trouble there, all would be well is far fetched at best. If not the US, then someone else would be doing it. No, this is not an excuse for doing it but a reason that shows that peace is elusive everywhere and damn-near impossible in the MENA.

    Had it not been for the discovery of very large oil deposits in this region, they would still be herding sheep, goats, and camels… and no one outside the region would give a damn about it.

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