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California Officially and Unconstitutionally Bans Hunters from Using Lead Bullets

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

Environmental activists cheered the California Fish and Game Commission’s decision to adopt regulations banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting throughout the Golden State.

In a unanimous vote, the Commission opted to phase out lead bullets, which hunters groups are calling a de-facto ban on hunting in the state. Environmentalists, on the other hand, are saying these regulations will save California Condors and Golden Eagles from getting lead poisoning.

Big News! CA Fish & Game Commission adopts landmark regulations phasing out lead ammo for hunting. Great day for #birds #ab711

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5 comments to California Officially and Unconstitutionally Bans Hunters from Using Lead Bullets

  • f16hoser

    Pretty sure more Eagles die from Wind Farm Generators than by Lead poisoning. Dumb Asses!

  • dutch

    removing lead is a good thing, if it’s just that, lead is poisonous junk, and it can more or less painlessly be omitted

  • Praxis

    I don’t see the issue in principle. Tungsten is a better choice if not for its huge energy cost to manufacture and thus, price.

    It doesn’t mean outlawing lead for use on tyrannical humans. That would be unconstitutional.

  • dan

    The lead ammo really needs to be saved for a ‘rainy day’ and not used for hunting game…oh wait there is no rain in California… save the ammo for rodent exterminations….imho

  • zip

    C’mon lead ammo was always set for removal. It has nothing to do with the gov. being anti 2nd amendment.

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