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California Goes Dark: Sunshine Laws Ignored By The California DOJ

from The News Doctors:

The darkness now enveloping the state of California is not a result of a power failure. Rather, it is the result of too much power, concentrated in the hands of those who do not respect or honor those who have delegated authority to them.

This darkness is palpable, though it is not physical. This darkness is the result of attempts by those in power to illegally obscure their activities from the populace. Make no mistake, this darkness is obscuring crimes of murder as well as crimes against property.

The perpetrators of this darkness are acting in concert. On one hand, we have members of the California Department of Justice ignoring their responsibilities under the California Public Records Act. In another agency, also located in the capitol of California, Sacramento, we have other individuals — Julia Ansel, head of the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau (PFB) located in the Department of Consumer Affairs and also Russ Heimerich, spokesperson for the PFB, also illegally obscuring access to related information.

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1 comment to California Goes Dark: Sunshine Laws Ignored By The California DOJ

  • Ed_B

    Make no mistake about it, friends… California is a complete gaggle these days and it is one of their own making. This is what happens when lib politicians are in change of something for decades. Whatever they are in charge of turns to complete crap. When it gets bad enough, a number of them migrate elsewhere and they crap that place up too. It never seems to occur to these people that the problems in their former residence occurred BECAUSE of them and their idiotic policies or that in bringing them with them into a new area will cause the very same thing to happen there. As a resident of a state that has been “Cali-fornicated” over the past 2 decades, I can attest to this as a fact.

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