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California Drought Update April 28, 2015, Hawaii Low Destroyed

They are melting the arctic deliberately with this technology… This stuff happening is happening in international waters. That mean the other nations of the world have a right to stop this, and it is easy to detect 20 million watts of microwave energy, so the international navy fleets need to be out there and observing this – and STOP it..” – The HAARP Report

from The HAARP Report:

This shows a low pressure system, being destroyed, on April 25, 2015. This probably would have brought heavy rains to California, but we’ll never know, now.

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  • Ed_B

    In terms of atmospheric physics, 20 MW is absolutely insignificant. An average hurricane releases more than 6 x 10^14 watts or 600 terra-watts. This is 30 million times more energy than the measly 20 MW released by HAARP. And that’s just for ONE average hurricane, of which there are many. Bigger ones too. Not to mention tornadoes, earthquakes, tides, and other forms of Mother Nature romping and stomping around.

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