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Brown’s Policies Make CA Model for Fascism Without Fences — Jail Him Now!

from LaRouchePAC:

Gov. Brown Squirt continues his Goebbels propaganda and death march. On April 1, he made 25% water cuts mandatory throughout the state. This policy left discretion to the for-profit and politically powerful water agencies, to orient their distribution to customers who can pay much higher prices, while making the cuts hardest for those who can’t pay now, as it is, let alone with higher prices. In essence, privatization of water under the mask of public conservation.

Within a week, by April 8, due to the obvious fascist loopholes in Gov. Brown’s executive diktat, there was statewide press coverage of new priorities that would be set by the State Water Resource Board (SWRB), which would supposedly mandate harder cuts to the most affluent communities while giving breaks to the impoverished. However, even these priorities were another blatant PR campaign to cover up what everyone knows is true, but is too afraid to say: that there are Nazis in Sacramento and they want to kill you.

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