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Bill Holter Warns About Gold and a Big US Dollar Reset Coming Sooner Than Later

from USA Watchdog:

Bill Holter of gives a U.S. dollar and gold update.

Holter warns there is a biggest short squeeze in history coming for gold and a big reset for the U.S. dollar coming sooner than later. Holter says, “You have to ask yourself, what is the dollar going to be reset against? My thought is the Chinese have every reason to argue to reset gold higher because they have gold. . . . Any country that had gold, their gold would be revalued higher. If they hold gold in reserve means their reserves would be revalued higher. If everybody else is showing their gold, it would force the U.S. to show its gold. Mathematically, I don’t see any way the U.S. does have the gold. . . . I do know that, at some point, there will be a massive short squeeze in gold once the derivatives chain breaks. Once Greece defaults, or some bank defaults and the derivatives chain breaks, there is going to be a massive outburst of I want my gold, and I want it now. This will be the biggest short squeeze in the history of history.”

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