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Big Brother Now Watching Your CASH

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There was an interesting article (and good coverage of that article) over at Sprott Money (but not written by me – lol). It relates to the move/trend by the French government toward watching peoples’ cash, and (in the eyes of Nathan McDonald) eventually moving to ban cash — altogether.

As noted by McDonald; this is simply part of an outrageous/infuriating pattern, where the Fascists reduce our personal liberties and/or increase their saturation-surveillance — and then they pretend to justify these outrages in the name of (wait for it) “fighting terrorism”.

Given that our own governments are the ONLY “terrorists”; it’s not them who should be watching us like hawks, it is we who should be examining the actions of these fascist regimes, under a magnifying glass. In the case of the “new law” in France, as with many of the U.S. “anti-terrorism” laws; we see a regime trying to use a sledge hammer to “fight” a mosquito.

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image: 1984, via wikipedia

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