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Another Reason To Move Away From California: ‘Conditions Are Like A Third-World Country’

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

As if anyone actually needed another reason to move out of the crazy state of California, now it is being reported that conditions in some areas of the state “are like a third-world country” due to the multi-year megadrought that has hit the state.  In one California county alone, more than 1,000 wells have gone dry as the groundwater has disappeared.  The state is turning back into a desert, and an increasing number of homes no longer have any water coming out of their taps or showerheads.  So if you weren’t scared away by the wildfires, mudslides, high taxes, crime, gang violence, traffic, insane political correctness, the nightmarish business environment or the constant threat of “the big one” reducing your home to a pile of rubble, perhaps the fact that much of the state could soon be facing Dust Bowl conditions may finally convince you to pack up and leave.  And if you do decide to go, you won’t be alone.  Millions of Californians have fled the state in recent years, and this water crisis could soon spark the greatest migration out of the state that we have ever seen.

Back in 1972, Albert Hammond released a song entitled “It Never Rains In Southern California“, and back then that was considered to be a good thing.

But today, years of very little rain are really starting to take a toll.  In fact, one government official says that conditions in Tulare Country “are like a third-world country”

Near California’s Success Lake, more than 1,000 water wells have failed. Farmers are spending $750,000 to drill 1,800 feet down to keep fields from going fallow. Makeshift showers have sprouted near the church parking lot.

The conditions are like a third-world country,” said Andrew Lockman, a manager at the Office of Emergency Services in Tulare County, in the heart of the state’s agricultural Central Valley about 175 miles (282 kilometers) north of Los Angeles.

As California enters the fourth year of a record drought, its residents and $43 billion agriculture industry have drawn groundwater so low that it’s beyond the reach of existing wells. That’s left thousands with dry taps and pushed farmers to dig deeper as Governor Jerry Brown, a 77-year-old Democrat, orders the first mandatory water rationing in state history.

The mandatory water restrictions that Governor Brown is imposing are going to be very painful for a lot of people.  We have just learned that some California communities will be required to cut their water usage by up to 36 percent

Californians are going to have to start preparing for a dry summer as the dehydrated state prepares for a water crackdown.

In a somewhat controversial move, California water officials drafted a set of mandatory conservation regulations outlining varying degrees to which communities will be required to cut back on water use, ranging from 8 to 36 percent, depending on their history of water consumption.

The regulations — slated for approval in early May — are part of California’s first-ever attempt at mandatory rationing. Earlier this month, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order requiring a 25 percent reduction in urban water use, a historic step in a series of measures aimed at conservation ahead of the state’s fourth consecutive year of drought.

And of course it isn’t just the state of California that is dealing with drought.

All over the southwest United States, we are seeing conditions that we have not witnessed since the days of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s.

In fact, the water level in Lake Mead is now the lowest that it has been since those days, and it is expected to drop even lower in the months ahead

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13 comments to Another Reason To Move Away From California: ‘Conditions Are Like A Third-World Country’

  • The Skeptic

    All those Californians leaving are like fleas jumping off of a dying dog. They will spread out and infect other places with their liberal delusions.

  • Dante

    Is this article correct, Eric? You live there, yet I haven’t heard you speak of things being nearly this bad.

    • Eric

      I haven’t read the article yet Dante but yea it’s definitely showing signs of a third world country here in L.A.

      Nobody has any money!!! Nobody has any patience, motivation, or really wants to work unless it pays 40k a year. Lots of people are still doing fine obviously but most I can’t believe how stupid and selfish everyone I come across is or has become. Lots of people trying to butt into my business and just being assholes in general. Very self serving. The water is a huge issue of course and frightens people, but I can’t believe how nobody has learned to save! You’ve been working here for 15 years and you have nothing to show for it???

      As for Skeptics comments, the people leaving are the SMART people! You should welcome them into your community but as with anyone be cautious. Some of them are very nice and just uninformed and naive and some are complete assholes like most of the people I seem to attract. Luckily, I have learned how to deal with them over 15 years. I’m staying for the time being but have been working on my exit plan for 3 years. If I had somewhere else I would rather be than here, like a community of nice white people who aren’t selfish assholes, I would leave if it was within driving range, but for now I guess I will be the only one with any money here.

      People have a vision of californians as if they are a disease that spreads but most of them are normal everyday people with skills.

      It was funny, I went to the water store yesterday and talked to the owner, a very nice lady and we just bad mouthed Jerry Brown the whole time. She went off about that train to nowhere that we really need and I complained about the water.

      If Californians can’t get it together and get rid of this asshole, we have no chance whatsoever. For now I am staying and trying to light a spark under their butts and in their brains.

      It’s been a third world country ever since I moved here. It’s just getting a lot worse now. Everyone is stressed and miserable. If I didn’t have anything, I would leave, go buy an acre with a crappy house somewhere and fix it up. But for some reason the idiots think a city in the desert with a population of 16 million and no water will somehow survive on housing and hollywood alone.

      The era of shattered illusions has arrived. Glad I took precautions when I did.

      • Eric

        I can just tell you, because I actually have a brain and seem like the only one here who does, the wildfires are a threat where I live but I feel I am far enough away and live next to a reservoir and a fire department. No real chance of mudslides here where I am. I’ve come to accept the high taxes and deal with it by maximizing deducations. The crime and gang violence aren’t a problem where I live. The traffic has always sucked but I rarely drive. I tune out the politics and just correct peoples idiocy with facts. And of course they want to regulate and tax everyone to death.

        I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I know how to deal with it. Anyone who moves here now is an absolute idiot.

        But if one of you guys has a california family move into an empty house in your neighborhood, don’t assume they are liberal morons. There are lots of conservative and libertarian minded people here. They are no better or worse than you are. And I’ll tell you something else, lots of well armed militia and gun owners here too. If the SHTF, we are on the front lines and I don’t know a single one of them that is going to just roll over.

      • Rodster

        Doesn’t it take $40K p/y just to make ends meet in Cali? I live in Florida where the cost of living is a lot cheaper. The biggest A-Holes I ran into were in SF. I was looking to take a high tech job back in 2001. Everyone I ran into was rush, rush, rush. I was like, what the hell happened to the supposed laid back Californians?

        • Eric

          Lots of them where I live Rodster. I’ve never been to SF but LA is spread out and there are pockets of laid back people. The beach and the weather produces that effect.

          But, here’s what I don’t get… do you wait until you are 60 and out of money and have no real skills to figure out that you need to have skills and should have been working, or do you suck it up at some point and figure that out ahead of time and do something about it before you run out of funds. Just too many people living beyond their means.

          People can survive on much less here, but if you’ve been sending out your resume for 10 years and it isn’t working, maybe it’s time to think and try something different… like learn a new skill. Lots of wackadoos here who can’t see the deer in the headlights but have a big sense of entitlement. A lot of hypocrites too.

          • Eric

            I think way too many are used to living in this dollar based paradigm. I know a place not too far away where you can go hang at the river and pan for gold but I don’t know anyone who is willing to do it besides myself. I saw one guy pull out probably 20-30 grams over a summer on the weekends. It’s not terribly challenging work but it does take patience. Problem is everyone wants instant gratification. They want it and they want it now.

    • Eric

      All in all Dante, I’m just going over everything I wrote and looked at your question again. It is bad no doubt, but it is not nearly as bad as one might think. Not yet anyways. When the water runs out and the pretty girls leave, I will have to leave. But until then, I still love it here.

      If we could just get rid of the idiot marxist bureaucrats, the Jerry Browns and the Betty Yees, California could be the big comeback kid that makes America thrive. But that probably isn’t going to happen unless consciousness takes a giant leap forward in the next 2 years, and the lazy bastards get off their butts and do something about their situation.

      • Dante

        I suppose many of the negative things you mention exist everywhere in Moronika, Eric. Certainly here in the Marxist northeast, anyway. And I’m willing to bet that many Californians are transplants from the northeast and bring their toxic ways with them.

        I do know that over the last several decades (at least), the trend has been to move from the northeast to the west and southwest. Phoenix is another city not all that far from you that experienced this influx of “foreigners” from elsewhere in Moronika. Maybe that’s slowed somewhat due to the fear of violence (considering the immigration problems). Any informed or semi-informed person would now think twice about moving to CA, the water issue being just one of the reasons. Then there’s Fukushima radiation, the immigration issue, a ramped up Agenda 21, and of course, high taxes (which will only get higher). Eventually, it’s not inconceivable that ALL of these issues will be a problem throughout the entire nation in due time. I believe TPTB will see to it if they have their chance. This seems to be the plan, and geo-engineering will likely play a huge part in this.

        I was talking to an acquaintance last week who is losing her job this spring. She couldn’t be happier because now she finally has the excuse she needs to move to LA. I mentioned the water issue, but she poo-pood it, saying that it was an exaggeration. This is why I asked you. She did make one good point, though. She said no matter where we live, there’s gonna be something to complain about. I don’t think she realizes just how right she is.

        • Eric

          Your friend is either very uninformed or out of her mind. The water issue is a very deep concern here and I am expecting it to become a full blown crisis eventually. I don’t know what her reasons for moving here are but I can say the water alone is enough of an issue to not move here. You can’t live without water. Its that simple. And leaving L.A. is not as easy as leaving most other places. It’s desert and traffic in every direction for at least 2 hours. I do think that they will not just shut off the water to L.A. It is one of the “100 most resilient cities” of ICLEI which we all know is part of Agenda 21. If they did shut off the water to southern california, these bureaucratic idiots will be hanging from lamp posts with pitchforks up their butts. But they have obviously been preparing for something big coming and I can tell you this is definitely not the place to be. Mad Max? Yeah could be. But you guys probably know me well enough by now. I am ready for it. As ready as I can be.

          The water issue is definitely not an exaggeration. And there are more foreigners here than anytime I have ever seen. It is only getting more and more crowded and they are building more and more houses everywhere. If she was smart, she would think twice about her plan. It isn’t terribly affordable compared to the rest of the country. It’s a tax and regulation nightmare. The cops are mostly just robots and the people are all zombies. Not all but enough to know there are better places to be than here.

          Don’t get me wrong. It is still nice. It just depends on which neighborhood you live in. But this place is anything but sustainable living. I still like it. Everything is here. But every day I look at properties all over the western US with rivers, creeks and lakes. There are many places that are waaaay better than here. Of course if she wants to sell her soul to devil, hollywood is the place to go. Plenty of evil here everywhere, and lots of idiots that are good people and who should know better but don’t. Absolute evil corrupts absolutely. I can’t tell anyone how to live their life, but you would have to be batshit crazy to move here at this point. Plenty of better places to go with better opportunities, including overseas. And let’s face it, moving is underrated. It is a horrible process, and not something I want to do more than one more time in my life.

          If she has never been here, it would be better to at least visit before moving in. At least check it out for a while, get to know southern california thoroughly and hang out before planting any major roots down.

          It all depends on your own situation. We are all in different boats and at the same time all on the same water.

          • Dante

            She’s a young party girl, Eric. Generally responsible in so far as holding down a steady job and not being afraid of hard work. But like so many others, she’s overworked, underpaid, frustrated, and mentally burned out. She wants a break, which is why she views the layoff as a gift. She already plans to collect after the layoff in May, and has her eyes on LA. I honestly don’t know if she could do both. Once she relocates, the state she lives in now might halt the gravy train. Her sister lives in LA and probably lives for the nightlife, like many young people do. Live for today, f*ck tomorrow. She has been there before to visit, and is likely enthralled by all the trappings. Nothing unusual about that. She shrugged off the water issue too quickly, so either she knows nothing about it, her sister has downplayed it, or neither one gives a shit. Or a little bit of all. I don’t know her well enough to pressure her, nor would she tolerate it. She’s an independent-minded gal who doesn’t take advice easily. So she’s on her own. Personally, I think she’s nuts, but she’s not alone, now is she? We’re surrounded by them!

            I hear you about moving again. I’ve done it both locally and long distance far too many times to recall. Frankly, the thought of doing it again sickens me. So stuck right here I will likely remain. As I said previously, every place gives a reason to bitch, and very few places will be truly safe and healthy to live in at some point ahead. So really, many of us are likely in the same predicament. Make the best of what you have, right where you are, unless you truly can handle a hefty move to a better location. Just do your homework.

  • Eric

    I will just have to add this. Only my opinion but it does seem like most californians I talk to at least finally realize how dire the water situation is here and are making efforts to cut back, pulling out their grass and replacing it with drought tolerant landscaping, or just making adjustments any way they know how.

    We have just been bombarded with hollywood celebrity hypocrites and corrupt politicians who speak of helping others but don’t know the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching them how to fish.

  • Eric

    Also, I like the very first comment at Michael’s site… “The U.S. is a third world country.” The central valley is probably pretty much gone. A few years ago I was driving north and saw sign after sign about how the politicians turned the water off.

    Agenda 21 is in full mode. Still nice in the cities, but forget about the central valley. If you guys have the means to grow your own food, do it! Because it probably won’t be coming from california as much as it did in the past.

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