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Andrew Maguire – The Bullion Banks Are Once Again In Danger Of Experiencing A Historic Default

from KingWorldNews:

Andrew Maguire: “Much like back in 2013, the bullion banks are now once again at risk of a default but in a totally different circumstance….

“Back then sentiment was bullish. As we stand now sentiment has been carefully orchestrated into the tank, but really only in terms of gold priced in dollars. Gold in all other currencies is in a solid bull market — not just paper gold traded in the currency crosses, but more importantly there’s a bull market in the underpinning physical markets.

Let’s not forget that there is only one store of immediately deliverable physical bullion no matter which currency you denominate it in. And this time around there is no way the central banks or the six agent bullion banks that have gold accounts with the Bank of England can rob sufficient above ground ETF gold to hammer (the price of) gold down again, as they did in 2013.

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3 comments to Andrew Maguire – The Bullion Banks Are Once Again In Danger Of Experiencing A Historic Default

  • Willie

    And once again the alarmist BS from KWN will prove to be meaningless nonsense.

  • Joe

    Blah, blah, blah. The bullion banks have been in danger of a historic default for many years now an it hasn’t stopped them from continuing their manipulation of the bullion markets.

    Until they are forced to relinquish their electronic control of the price and their control of the SLV and GLD, nothing will change. People and countries can buy as much as they’ve been able to and it hasn’t stopped them yet.

  • The Truth

    You cannot default on paper you are printing. It mathematically cannot happen. The house don’t loose unless people stop betting there!

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