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A Half-Cocked Coup Against Obama, Mindwar, Pedophilia, and Satanism

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

The United States is increasingly becoming a tossup between being a land of inertia and unimaginable apathy versus a powder keg of hatred, violence, and civil war. With this bizarre cultural crossroads – every bit created and initiated by an oligarchical government, corporate and banking superstructure, and a totally controlled media – it is no wonder why the news coming from America gets more and more peculiar with each passing day. While the rest of the world may have no right to throw stones, the truth is that the United States has become, in essence, Crazy Town.

Perhaps this is why when, in January 2014, a retired US Army General stated that he would be willing to lead a coup against Obama with a contingency of around 250,000 Marines, virtually no one even batted an eye.

To be fair, the date is over a year after Gen. Vallely’s speech and no coup has taken place. Yet, with American politics having become so volatile – with Conservatives so hate-filled against anything that does not represent the scorched earth of warfare, austerity, and greed they have come to know and love, Liberals radicalized to the point that no law is too oppressive to enforce politically correct newspeak, the concept of the “collective,” or humanitarian bombing, and the vast majority of the public who simply stare lifelessly into their television screen with whatever free time they have left – you would think that Vallely’s comments would have drawn more ire from the left or even more support from the right.

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