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BO POLNY: Start Your Engines!

from Silver Doctors:

Cycle analysis indicates neither Gold nor Silver are about to crash; in fact, expect the exact opposite!


On March 16, 2015 our post titled…  Beware the IDES of March 2015  (LINK click here) stating… “Cycle analysis indicates before the month of March 2015 is over, the world will get step up in both Gold and Silver!  Since the post, Gold is up $60 and Silver is up $1.00.

The only thing going down before summer is the USD; while Gold and Silver shoot up off an INVERTED Head and Shoulders chart pattern formation illustrated below on the SLV (Silver) chart!  The low in mid-February was the INVERTED left shoulder, the IDES of March 2015 the INVERTED head, mid-April (NOW!) the INVERTED right shoulder and is to be followed by wave point #3 (timing for subscribers).

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