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Wondering Why Our Country Is In Trouble? Look No Further

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Houston, we have a problem.

Did you ever wonder why America is in trouble? Maybe it is because people like this vote and select political leaders. This video brings up a valid argument for voters to be tested before they are allowed at the polls.

When you see the “manon the street” interviews like this, you always have to valiantly hope these folks are actors, but I have a terrible, sneaking suspicion that they are for real. Hey, at least that lady is on Marcus’s side. It has to be difficult to be the son of the president and have such a hullabaloo over your privates.

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12 comments to Wondering Why Our Country Is In Trouble? Look No Further

  • Eric

    Dismal. Yes Los Angelenos are that dumb and ignorant.

    Dear Father God,

    Send giant asteroid.

    Love, Mother Earth.

  • WillyT

    What a bunch of utterly stupid, clueless, uniformed bunch of idiots. Unbelievable, it’s no wonder the wrong people run the world!!!!!!!!!!! If these people are the voting public what else can we expect.

  • Gnostic

    is it any wonder why the goyim are bred like cattle

  • blounttruth

    I would dare guess less than 5% of all people on the street that day had any clue that the US was involved in the Ukrainian coup, much less that relations with North Korea are what they are. The beauty of this is that most partisans are as ignorant, and there is where the issue truly lies.

  • rex

    Take yer H1-N1 shots.

  • anon

    Dismantling America: The ‘Change’ We Never Expected

    Read the comments. It’s WAY past time for Americans to WAKE UP.

  • Gary

    So MSM has finally caught up with Mark Dice? Too bad they’re not doing a public service like Mark Dice has been doing.

  • Nomad

    The ignorance and stupidity aside… they were all pretty much pathological liars! Messed up!!

  • Steve_D

    No wonder those who set the agenda think they can spin any bullshit story to us and we’ll lap it up, when you have brain dead willing slaves like this believing anything they are told and then embellishing it with their own fantasies.

    It’s utter madness that some would willingly create a fantasy world with hardly any prompting, yet we pay the price for their collective delusion.

  • frank

    Ummm, you guys realise that the whole thing could have been and probably was edited to appear that way right? When that girl responds to the sleep over question, she says she saw them in bed together in a picture…

    I can’t beleive how quick you guys are to accept this. Maybe you are not as enlightened as you think you are.

    sorry to interupt your circle jerk with gnostic…carry on

  • glitter 1

    This is a good example why Democracy doesn’t work,our Founders knew it and hated it.America was formed as a Republic not a Democracy Mob Rule.This is why today the US has two distinct classes,those that work for a living and those that vote for a living.

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