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Will Jade Helm 15 Lead to Civil War?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This article will attempt to answer the question: Will Jade Helm 15 lead to Civil War II in this country? And if so, what form will it take? Today’s article deals with the prerequisite conditions needed to launch a meaningful civil war effort and an analysis of where America is presently at with regard to this question.

Many Americans brag that our citizens have an estimated 300 million guns and nobody, not even the government, would ever dare to try and subjugate America. I have bad news for these “wishful thinkers”, America has already been conquered and the occupation forces are implementing a police state surveillance grid like the world has never seen. More importantly, when the bad guys come for you, it will be at 3AM and your gun will be on the rack and you and your family will be asleep.

Throughout the South, our cities are being invaded and all we have seen is a little whining in the Independent. Have any of you Texans, the most independent Americans among us, removed your County Commissioners from office for accepting the $150,000 bribe paid to the Counties by the representatives of the occupation force known as Jade Helm 15? If you cannot even remove county officials who have sold out their people for 30 pieces of silver, then how in the world do you think that Jade Helm 15 will lead to a revolution? In pre-Revolutionary War America, these County Commissioners would have been tarred and feathered as were the Stamp Act Tax collectors. Americans are fat, happy and lazy. Nobody is going to rebel against anything in the present climate

The bravado of gun owners might help them sleep better at night, until they understand what they are up against. These same naive people often put their faith in the Red Dawn scenario in which average American people, armed to the teeth, mount a defense against an invading army or even a tyrannical government. And these hopelessly naive Americans actually think they can win. And even if a successful confrontation of the globalists was possible, the prerequisite conditions needed to ferment a successful civil war are not yet in place.

The purpose of this article is to not take a position against revolution. It is to point out what prerequisite conditions that must be met prior to the commencement of a revolution.

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11 comments to Will Jade Helm 15 Lead to Civil War?

  • randy0302

    No it will not. Duh

  • Howard Roark

    “Most Americans Fail To Recognize Their Current Place In History”…

    Pot, meet kettle…until you are able to say the jew word, Dave, without falling to your knees in worship to the secular terror state of israel…YOU ARE THE MOST SELF-DELUTED OF THEM ALL!!!

  • NIX

    I think the propaganda patroll is not doing to well! Crank it up!

  • Ed_B

    “More importantly, when the bad guys come for you, it will be at 3AM and your gun will be on the rack and you and your family will be asleep.”

    But our two Rottweilers will be WIDE awake and not at all happy about our home being invaded.

  • Rob

    1)Not everybody sleeps at 3 am
    2)Some sleep with their weapons
    3)Not all gun owners are full of bravado
    4)Some gun owners have them for other kinds of protection.
    5)Many gun owners know they will probably most likely die fighting a psychopathic regime and are ready for that decision.

    Ones without guns for personal protection…..They will just be much easier prey.

    10.000 people could gang rush the Whitehouse and probably take over without weapons.The people do not stick together though, a wedge has been driven into society to divide and conquer…. so far its working.

  • buggymak110

    I hope so we need to clean the country !!! And I have a LOTS of ropes !!!! Long live the republic !!!!

  • swabby70

    Check out the Jade Helm video done by silver shield at his Truth Never Told channel on the yoo hoo. It might give everyone some much needed clarity.

    And hey, Dave – Vlad says “hi”.

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