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Why You MUST Take Your Money Out of the Banks — Global Bail-In Has Begun

from The Money GPS:

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3 comments to Why You MUST Take Your Money Out of the Banks — Global Bail-In Has Begun

  • Paul

    Keep up the good work. You will be rewarded.
    In this universe, why are we here ?
    I believe earth is a testing place for our next move.
    The criminal bankers are enjoying a split second of eternity,
    I’m glad I’m not in their shoes for what’s to come for them.

  • Willie

    When someone tells you that you MUST do something then it is time to be very careful.

  • Jerry

    This video is more like propaganda.

    Most banks do not “gamble” like he states. He judges all banks by what a small minority of banks do.

    Bondholder’s and uninsured depositor’s money should be used in a bail-in if the bank becomes insolvent. They knew their money was at risk since it is not insured. It is not stealing or theft as Quintieri believes.

    Quintieri also lies by misrepresenting what the G20 actually said. He puts words in their mouths.

    Also nothing wrong with having some of your savings in a good sound bank contrary to what Quintieri says. He says that credit unions could be seen as safer than banks because they do not have derivatives. That is not always true since some credit unions do have derivatives. Is your money at risk in banks and credit unions? Of course. Everything has risk. Even buying gold and silver.

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