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Where is Vladimir Putin Conspiracy

from AMTV:

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4 comments to Where is Vladimir Putin Conspiracy

  • Willie

    We live in a perpetual Psyop…

    Mind your own business and “love your neighbor as yourself” It is apparent that we have a lot of people running the world show who do not love themselves very much…

  • Krow!

    Maybe Vladimir is going to be the lead actor in the Russian version of “Weekend at Bernie’s”?

    Kaaaaaaa-Kaaaaaaa!, saith the Krow.

  • The Truth

    Putin Putin Put-in. I would sure love to Put-in some money in every broke person’s bank account. That will really be some Put-in work! Instead of people worrying about a grown ass man like he is God or something!

  • Good Grief! Illuminati has my head spinning. In the end their heads will spin to the depths of hell and amazingly, they know it. Good luck “O Rich One’s ” escaping the wrath of The Holy One. How’s that pursuit of immortality goin? Any of you elite dying? Imagine that. Never too late for any man to repent. After all, I did.

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