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What’s Up Underground? with Richard Dolan

If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow.” ~Emile Zola

by Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari:

This week on The Solari Report, I will be speaking with publisher and scholar Richard Dolan about underground bases. Richard and I both spoke at the Secret Space Program last June. Those videos are now freely available and I hope you will access them.

One of the realizations I had listening to the presentations last June was that the percent of the U.S. GNP involved in building out and operating underground and under ocean bases and operations (rumored to include mag lev high speed trains) and the weaponry maintained there is significant. I decided to do more research on the topic and quickly discovered that the best presentation available was Richard’s speech on the work of Richard Sauder which he had published.

Underground operations are an important component of how the national security state and the breakaway civilization work – and can impact the local economies and company valuations involved. So I was delighted that Richard agreed to join me on the Solari Report to explore what is known about underground operations and speculate about what is going on miles beneath our homes and communities.

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