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West Coast USA (Fukushima?) 10,000 Baby Sea Lions Dead

from Realist News:

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3 comments to West Coast USA (Fukushima?) 10,000 Baby Sea Lions Dead

  • Tom Aumeg

    I was at La Jolla Cove recently, and the Sea Lions are doing just fine. Please verify before posting.

  • Michael

    His news is always at least one week or more old. He speaks like Lindsey Williams. The point is always a few more sentences away. I am not a Mike Snyder or a Dave Hodges fan. Compared to this guy they are captivating. Have mercy, Sean.

  • glitter 1

    I kinda like the guy,but he’s all over the place,spewing unsubstantiated information/ facts. If the sea life were dying at the rate as put out in these pieces,where’s all of the videos/evidence,coverage by the MSM,ok all the whistle blowers,so called.Fukushima is not effecting the West Coast of California.

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