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We Are In Big Trouble – Obama Mentally Unfit For Duty

from Susan Duclos:

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2 comments to We Are In Big Trouble – Obama Mentally Unfit For Duty

  • Sam

    News Flash: The dolt is not even qualified for the job to begin with, have you seen the forged Birth Certificate? Anyone presenting one like that would be in jail for a multiple of crimes, none the least of many would be forgery…yaah and criminal loonacy kinda goes with the entire bundle of rotten bunch bananas aka the ObomBa Regime!

  • Well, you know there’s talk that pilots might need psychological testing before getting behind the wheel, so to speak. Shouldn’t we apply the same logic to the POTUS and the rest of the gang that have been intentionally nose-diving this country from a normal cruising altitude to a smashing conclusion? (Not that I believe the Germanwings story, but hey…)

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