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Wars are Making the World More Peaceful – Stanford Historian

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2 comments to Wars are Making the World More Peaceful – Stanford Historian

  • Rodster

    And there you go. The serfs are nothing but pawns in the grand scheme of things even if millions of them have to die. Central planning sucks and is the reason we have this type of thinking because of the power and control over peoples lives these central planners amass.

  • Dan C

    This guy is another psychopath among the throngs of them living today & residing in powerful positions.

    There is no need for war to advance society. Only juvenile boys like to fight as testosterone takes over their bodies.

    When you grow up, violence is typically abhorred.

    Major General Smedley Butler, United States Marine Corps, said it very succinctly, “War is a Racket” Mercenaries and bankers need war to prosper.

    Finally, I bet this Stanford historian was never in a war or else he would not come up with such a ridiculous theory.

    General William Tecumseh Sherman, Union Army: “War is Hell”

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