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Vernadskian Time: Time for Humanity

from Larouche PAC:

Humanity is unique among known physical and living processes: it has characteristics that differentiate it absolutely from lower domains, including an absolutely unique quality of time. Singular expressions of human time are brought into sharper relief by developing specific inabilities of lower forms of time to comprehend human activity, specifically the concepts of time embodied in the laws of thermodynamics, whose misapplication to domains outside their legitimate scope have resulted in such extrapolations as the “heat death of the universe” and a tendency of the universe towards “disorder.”

Problems arise when a term or concept developed in one context is applied in other contexts without reconsidering the term’s suitability, or its meaning. While this is particularly common when the terms have everyday meanings in addition to scientific ones (such as “action”), the laws of thermodynamics, particularly the second one, are inappropriately and recklessly applied in fields in which their application is in doubt until developed anew as a required principle in that field.

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