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UPDATED: 50 Abrams Tanks Appear to Have Been Sent to Ukraine

from Washington’s Blog:

Alarms are being raised both on the right and the left in Austria against what appears to be a stealth move by Obama to send what are clearly attack-weapons (called “Bradley Tanks” but actually they look like Abrams tanks) to what appears to be a likely destination in Ukraine, for what seems to be a planned re-invasion by the U.S.-backed Ukrainian forces into the Donbass region of the former Ukraine.

Here the same photo that was shown before from rightist sites is shown on the leftist site

Supposedly, this train’s next stop was to be in the Czech Republic.

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5 comments to UPDATED: 50 Abrams Tanks Appear to Have Been Sent to Ukraine

  • Sam

    What’s not to love about humanitarian murders, death, debt,enslavement as well as all the other atrocities that are yet to be unfolded in Ukraine? Afterall, look how the Middle East is turning out in the ne of Freedumb and demonocrazy 8-/

  • dutch,1139785

    It’s ‘only’ 26 and they could be taking part in the little infantry parade NATO is doing along NATO borders.

  • CalSailX

    NOT Abrams… wrong profile and idler wheels. Some type of Bradley if I had to guess. Myself I hope they don’t end up in Ukraine, the people of that country have more then enough problems without adding more fuel to the fire. However I guess Kiev’s creditors aren’t going to be happy unless debt and destruction is the order of the day.

  • Ed_B

    “Bradley Tanks”

    WTF is a “Bradley Tank”? No such machine AFAIK. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is NOT a tank. It travels with and supports both armor and infantry unit movements, often as mechanized scouts, troop carriers, and communications vehicles.

    • CalSailX

      You got that right Ed, it’s NOT a tank. To bad Eric Zuesse couldn’t have done a bit of fact checking, a trip to Wikipedia might have answered more then a few questions for him.
      I about crapped myself when I found out what one of the stupid things cost, BAE Systems has to be making a mint selling the damn things. However I’m a old man the last tank I was ever in was a M60, got the grand tour of one after keeping a few Marines from having a very, very bad day.

      All I can say is if they are headed to confront those in Eastern Ukraine that demand self determination. If on of those Bradly’s runs into a determined Girl Scout troop with modern anti-tank weapons on that terrain, it’s a bad day for the crew.

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