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Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation!

from The Burning Platform:

The Ukraine Nazi regime was installed by Obama and his NATO bitches. The various international fronts for the American Empire have poured billions into this black hole of corruption and ineptitude. You can be sure the noble leaders are funneling off most of this money. The country is falling apart. Two years ago it was relatively stable. Their GDP was growing strongly from 2010 through 2013. Then the US instigated coup occurred in 2014.

Now Ukraine is experiencing a Weimar Republic like hyperinflationary collapse. You will be happy to know the IMF has poured at least $20 billion into this money pit so far, with another $15 billion already committed for 2015. You may also be happy to know the US supplies 20% of the IMF funding, so while the infrastructure of your country crumbles, Obama and his minions in Congress are pissing $7 billion away supporting Nazis. This doesn’t include the tens of billions in military hardware we are giving to these Nazis to fight the Novo-Russians in Eastern Ukraine. All in the name of Empire.

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